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Hot choc tetra

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by perfectorchid, 30 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. perfectorchid

    perfectorchid Below 190lbs... wohooo

    How do you do yours?
  2. Avatar

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  3. Guru

    Guru Well-Known Member

    Stick it in a large mug, top up with water, shove it in the microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds
  4. perfectorchid

    perfectorchid Below 190lbs... wohooo

    Thank you, thought it'd be something like that. Going to try one in abit
  5. Guru

    Guru Well-Known Member

    Some people divide theirs into three and add water then microwave. But I like mine to be thick.
  6. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Sounds nice I have never ever made a choc tetra hot!! I can pass the info on too, thanks for sharing x
  7. misspinkkat

    misspinkkat Can hug her knees :)

    I use mine like milk almost so it makes 3 I add sweetners and hot water xx
  8. perfectorchid

    perfectorchid Below 190lbs... wohooo

    I might be daring and divide mine into two... oh the excitement!
  9. Falafel

    Falafel Well-Known Member

    I empty one pack into a big mug, add hot water from the kettle and enjoy!
  10. perfectorchid

    perfectorchid Below 190lbs... wohooo

    well I tried it last night! I am hooked, blooming delicious. It's fab as well as I get 2 for the price of 1. Hope I don't O.D on them tho. Last time I was obsessed with porridge but cant face it anymore
  11. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Another thing to try is tetra coffee. I use the choc one as milk in my coffee, its lovely :)
  12. Lesly Cambridge

    Lesly Cambridge Cambridge Consultant

    Hi all - lovely hot chocolate! But you shouldn't microwave them; only the Porridge is designed to be microwaved without damaging the nutrients and the texture. Try this instead:

    Fill mug with boiling water for a minute, then empty. Tip CV into mug, re-fill CV carton with hot water and swoosh out into the mug. Should be hot enough, but you could add more hot water.

    Also delicious with coffee added.

    Aren't you all doing well? Congratulations!
  13. AlyB

    AlyB Well-Known Member

    wow! tetra coffee!!!! will give that a go tomorrow! might have to up my order of tetras at this rate!!!
    Thanks for all the ideas :)

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