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Hot packs - advice please


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I like hot chocolate, vanilla and banana. I make them with slightly less water and they are thick and yum. Also try mixing flavours. I am quite passionate about chocolate and fruits of the forest mixed - you can make cambridge cocktails!


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I love the choc mint, choc orange, vanilla, toffee and walnut, choc, and choc tetras all hot...I have tried them all hot and even the strawberry is quite nice for a change..
The only one I like hot is the chocolate tetras, they are lovely!

I have vanilla, banana and chocolate warm with some pysillium (sp) husks for my breakfast at 13.00 and that is great to warm you through and fill you up!!!
Also the veg stock that you can get from your CDC is really nice with some pepper!
I love the vanilla hot with a spoonful of coffee, it makes a really creamy vanilla latte *yum*

I also have hot chocolate and cappuccino, but haven't tried any of the others hot yet
I can't bear any of the shakes hot, well not the ones I have tried anyway. I have to have them icy cold! The only things I like hot are the veg soup or the chicken & mushroom.

I've only tried chocolate, choc mint, cappuccino and vanilla hot though. Maybe some of the others are nice hot :)


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I have all mine hot (choc, vanilla, capuccino). I split them in half and make up with loads of water as I can't bear them strong.
i like all the chocolate ones hot and as someone whos never drank coffee in her life i steered away from the cappacino...i decided to give it a go and i really liked it so now im a coffee drinker! allbeit mellowbirds but hey its still coffee lol

ive not tried any of the sweet ones hot, i prefer them cold or as a mousse or truffles :p


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I don't usually go for the hot ones, i find them easier to have if they're ice cold, but Chika i love the idea of mixing them and having your very own Cambridge cocktails!
When you make up a hot chocolate, do you just put it in a mug and add the hot water? Do you not get lumps like that?
Truffles???? I think you need to explain!
add a little bit of water to a sweet sachet, mix into a paste, roll into little balls using two tea spoons, pop on a plate and put in the freezer, i leave them in for an hour, then prise them off the plate and enjoy :)

you get about 10 from a sachet, i love butterscotch but all of the shakes work!
the Butterscotch is surprisingly nice hot, in fact it's the only one so far that I like hot, all the rest I like chilled. I'm getting a bit concerned now the weather's getting colder though as I'm going to have to start drinking hot ones rather than chilled ones in winter!
While it's cold I have 2 Hot chocolates a day (made with sachets) It's lovely (and I don't usually like hot chocolate) - I occassionally have choc mint too, then in the evening I normally have a hot toffee/Walnut - tastes like maple syrup. yummmm

I use a large mug - put all the shake in - add cold water, mix well, then add hot water. Yummmmy


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