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One of out Patients gave one of our Surgeons a HUGE box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolate so this afternoon he deposited the box in our office!!!:drool:

I had 3 :eek: and OH MY GOD they were wonderful! :D :D :D

I hate to think just how many points in each :eek: (about 1.5???)

As I weigh in tomorrow and I have a couple of points spare this week I may call it quits! Chicken that I am!!!
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Pre-CD (and over 8 1/2 stone heavier!) I used to have a box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates delivered every month. DH and I would treat ourselves to two each on a Saturday and Sunday night :p They really are something aren't they?!

Apparently as they're only made with natural ingredients, each choccie is only about 70 cals too :)


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Only 70 calories each :eek:

I hope there is some left when I go back into work on Friday but knowing the girls in our office I think not! :mad:

Have you seen those large slabs of chocolate in their shop?

They are about A4 size in all different flavours :p . They cost £11.50 a slab, but worth every penny I imagine!

I have to say this is the nicest Chocolate for me except for dear old Cadburys Dairy Milk which I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv :D
Thorntons used to be my favourite choccies but I was given a box of the Hotel Chocolat at Christmas they are far superior absolutely lovely roll on mother's day:D and my birthday:D :D

Might be worth having more than one birthday this year:eek:
I've never even heard of these chocolates, and I'm very disappointed because it sounds like I'm really missing out!! My favourite chocs of all time are Llindt truffles, they are just to die for!!...but I may have to try some of these ones you're talking about now, sounds like they're something rather special!
OMG, I just went to the Home Page :eek: , why didn't I discover these pre-LL. I absolutely love Lindt Lindor and Thorntons, but these chocs look as though they would be top of my league. If only...... Angela x
You BAD BAD people :eek: :eek: I happened to notice this thread yesterday and being a complete chocolate addict its been on my mind overnight :eek: :eek: :D

Have just placed an order over £100 worth - it is for Mothers day and Easter but even so

Look how I've been led astray

Hehehehe:rotflmao: :whoopass: :eat: :whistle:

Any excuse

I'll let you know what the recipients think about these chocs:D


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I think I deserve some commission from those lovely Hotel Chocolat people for drawing peoples attention to their yummy products! :rotflmao:

I would be more than happy to take my Commision in Chocolate! ( if anyone from the company is reading this! ):D

Who would think that orders could be generated on a WEIGHT WATCHERS forum!!! :D :D :D You naughty naughty people !

PS The box we had in the office was the huge £37 one - obviuosly the Surgeon must have cured the patients problem!
I was just telling OH about these chocs and where I'd heard about them...he found it highly ammusing when I told him I'd heard about the on the weight watchers forum, lol.

Now I'm obsessing about those large slabs - I even made a point of showing OH which one I wanted, just in case he ever needs to know, lol!!


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They are evil wicked people Hotel Choc. Do not look at the catalogue or website.

My DH gets a box every month and it's MY fault, I got them for him for Christmas a few years ago - just a tasting box but he was hooked.

In maint I used to have some. Each choc is 60 to 100 cals depending on size as some are massive and around 5g carb each. But SO worth it.
Can you believe that they also have a 'chocolate tasting club', now thats one club I would love to be the head moderator of......BRING IT ON. Oh shoot did I just 'dream' that out loud....back to my yummy LL foundation diet.....yea right! :giggle: Angela x


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Wow they have a Hotel Chocolat shop in the new Plymouth shopping centre..conveniently just over the road from uni...never tried them before, must get some!!

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