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Hotel stay and tempting food!! Torture!!!!


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Hi all! Ive just spent the last four nights with four kids in one family room in a travelodge because like a lot of people we had frozen pipes so no water, heat or toilet facilities. I decided it was better to go to a hotel and at least have basic facilites for the kids. My god! How torturous was it!! My Husband went to work every night as he worked across the road from the hotel so I had to manage the four of them in the one room!
Well, in all that four days,even though I had to take the kids to Eddie Rockets, supermacs etc (I thought I was going to die), I managed to stick to Lipo. I never wanted to eat so much in all my life:cry:.

Now I have the thought that if I can stick those four days of headaches, hunger and stress, than I have to stick it out till the end but easier said than done!!:rolleyes:
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Size 14 here i come!
Well all i can say is WOW! I know i wouldn't have had the strength to not eat, well done you. Yep if you can do that then you should be able to stick to LT no probs. Hope everything is ok at home now.


awesome, I have 2 kids at home - and thats difficult at the weekend with the toys etc around - nevermind in the situation you were in - hats off to you, you should be really proud of yourself !!!

Keep focussed and keep in mind how proud you feel of yourself now when you feel down.

Caren. xx


I will be skinny again!!!

if you made it through that then you can make it through the rest of your journey!!

Really big well done!!


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A big GOLD star for you!!!! That is amazing...just shows it can be done if you have the drive and the determination.

Well done; I think what you have just achieved is brilliant!

I hope everything is sorted at home now too.


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Just reading your posts ladies has given me the motivation to continue today because there seems to be food everywhere, the smell, the temptation and people telling me that what I am doing is dangerous and not natural!!!

There are always worse days than others but thanks so much for all your support girls. We have some heat and water at home now and at least can wash so it's not too bad.

Thanks again!:). I hope that I will be able to offer support in a way that you ladies can.:party0019:


its what we are here for - to support each other !! well done for getting through the hard times. x


Size 14 here i come!
You are welcome glad we could help. Give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it. Don't worry about the people going on about it not being safe diet etc, they don't know anything about it and they could be jealous. You know it's safe, wait till they see the weight come off they will want to know where to get it!lol


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brilliant work that shows such willpower and determination you should be very proud of yourself for being able to do that!... with that attitude you will fly through this keep at it...x

mrs bee

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fab! well done, not sure I could have done it!