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hour by hour Saturday 10th Nov


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning Maz, enjoy your step class doa few for me lol!

Well off to a good start another 2 lbs lost this week and had 3 days of AAM, so very happy.

Just about to start my 1st litre, managed 5 yesterday, will try and do the same today.

Hope you all have a brill day, will check in later

Morning Maz, Morning Maggie, Morning everyone else

Great avatar Maz - you look very cool and chilled out:cool::cool:

Maggie, you sound positive and focused - well done on the 5 litres.

Yesterday was weird for me. I'd cleaned the microwave out with dettol and it made my veg taste really weird. I was so hungry I still ate it and then i was sick during the evening! What a silly moo!

Popped on the scales and they had moved - yay! However, yesterday was wi day so can't officially report anything. Lets hope they dont move back up by next Friday!:D

Anyway, taking ds to jazz dance class in a while and then round to my Mums. This afternoon I'm getting my hair done (nothing major, just a trim) and then this evening I'm hitting the town with my friend - woo hoo! Still haven't got any "going out" clothes except my solitary pair of shorts so will probably have to wear those again! Really need a big shopping trip sometime to replenish my dwindling wardrobe:D

Hope everyone has a good day xx
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Morning everyone, hope everyone is doing ok.

I miss the dailies so much during the week, but work is just so manic at the moment! Good news is that the new girl starts on Monday whohoo!!

I've been doing ok though, except water has been a bit low and I've still got a crappy cold!!!

Have a great day everyone and catch you all later xxx
wow! these dailies are much quieter than in the week. I've done my step class, very hard work this morning :( I had coffee with the girls after which was nice but now have to clean the flat, sort out 4 boxes of Avon to distribute to customers and pack my case ready for New York on Monday. Feel positive about going but really worried about putting on weight especially as I've just got back on track. I'm following 1200 plan so not sure how to handle the food situation while I'm there?? I'm not taking any shakes/bars so going to try to be sensible (if that's possible!!). The up side is that I'll be walking ALL day every day! That should help me burn a few calories :) and carrying all those shopping bags will help me tone up my arms :) LOL
Have a great day HM, Jodiejojo, Sarah and anyone else thats about x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Maz, agree it is so quite on here today....everyone must have a busy weekend.

OH gone to Watford today for the Footie, glad I haven't gone weather is completely naff, cold and wet. I think I will be staying in the warm.

Gonna have my 1st shake in a mo, on 2nd bottle of water. Harder to get down when it's cold.

Have a good afternoon folks...

Hi all

WI today and only half a pound gone. Feel a bit down about it but at least it's in the right direction. I had a binge last Saturday night so I knew it was coming. Also TOTM, gah! It's made me even more determined though, so next week will be better.

I hope everyone has a good day :) Keep glugging :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:


Got to stop eating!
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God Maz, can't believe you are going to New York already!!! Have a lovely time! I am still not managing to SS and keep eating cr*p when I am not even hungry! Feeling V low today! As keep nearly getting ther and the buggering it all up again!

Sorry to sound like a moaner just having self hatred probs at the moment!

Maz have a GREAT time and enjoy it! Will wait for photos on face book!!!!

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Hi everyone

Busy day for me, went out shopping for some new bras and whilst I was there decided to dry on a few part dresses as I have black tie bash on 7th December. Put it on and was bracing myself for it looking awful and much to my amazement it looked okay, even had enough courage to leave the changing room to show hubby. Haven't bought it yet as I am a 14 and not sure if that will change before 7th so will keep my eye out. Have put a pick below of it.

Minis seems really quiet today wonder what everyone has been up to....

Well done Maggie you are on a roll lady, brillopads!

JJJ - can't see veggies and dettol catching on as a classic, sorry you were poorly though. I often think I drink washing up liquid as it's easy to leave a few suds in the glass.

Mocha - I know it feels small but it is still in the right direction and keep your mind on the big picture, TOTM will pass and then the scales will move a bit quicker xx

Maz - NY seems to have come round really quickly you lucky devil, have a great time!

Looby - what's with the self hatred hun???

Sorry you are feeling under the weather Sarah, hope that pesky cold sorts itself out soon!

Hope everyone is having a great day whatever they are up to.




Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Love that dress georgie.........you will be a gorgeous porgeous in that.....We want Pics too XX

I had 40 winks this afternoon, must be my age lol..

Just had some cottage cheese with Cucumber, celery and chives cut up in it....tasty tasty very very tasty (what was that advert?)

Need to down some more water starting no. 3 as I type.....

Hope are all having a good day

Love the dress Georgie :D You're going to look gorgeous.

Well I just got back from my 2 daughters karate grading. They both passed and are now brown belts. I'm so proud of them both, they are totally worn out but very happy.

We've just got home and now we have to get ready for a wedding reception we're going to tonight, so a very busy day for me.

SS is still going well and I'm hopeful of a decent loss this week, after the measly 2lbs from last week :(.

Hope everyone has a nice evening. I'm going to be watching everyone eat and drink tonight but I don't care - I'm totally in the SS zone, thank goodness.
Hi all,

I am 2 days into the diet and so far it hasn't been too bad. By reading other posts it looks like tomorrow might be a bad day - something to look forward to!

Have about 7 stone to lose and really looking forward to getting there although I am sure its not going to be easy!

Hope you are all having good days too :)
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Hi Bella and welcome to Minis and CD, it is a rollercoaster of a ride but the best one in the world. In no time at all that weight will be melting away. There is always someone here to offer support when you need it, stick with it through week 1 and you will feel wonderful at weigh in!

Thanks Maggie and Sussex, glad you like it, I came over all sparkly, girly and sequiney... well it is Christmas!!

Evening all and welcome Bella lovely to have you here and Georgie is right the lbs will slip away it will be hard but deffo worth it!!!

Georgie that dress is gorgeous, im sure you'll look stunning in it and we deffo want pictures!!!!!

Well sorry ive not been posting much recently but ive been so tired after work and then the gym, havent done much today am full of ANOTHER cold and didnt have wi yesterday so im hoping for 4lbs by Friday am hoping to get back to the gym on monday as we're going up to OH's parents house tomorrow oh joy they dont like me doing CD so goodness knows what they'd be like if i was SSing lol but they havent seen me since i started the diet so im hoping they'll notice my weight loss :) Oooo my inch loss is now at 49.5 inches so i'm an extremely happy bunny!!!!!!!

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