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Good morning all,
another bright day here in Clacton...ready to tackle another day of housework, washing, then working the afternoon...what a hectic life I lead :D:D

Already had my 1st litre of water :tear_drop::tear_drop:. Last week I managed approx 5 a day trying for the same this week., Up 3 times in the night, but, Hay Ho...more weight down the pan!:D

Have a food day everyone...catch you later
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Morning All

I am starving hungry so I'll be on here alot today! Going to try and space my packs and divide them up as suggested:) thank you

Just doing loads of washing and getting generally cleared up today. Feel really tired as it was a long day travelling yesterday.

Little one up and about so doubt i will get that much rest but never mind!

Look forward to hearing from you all

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Morning everyone

I was up with the lark this morning, somehow just don't seem to need as much sleep since being on CD. Only on half litre and one cup of coffee at the moment but going to get glugging. After my dip into exercise yesterday feeling inspired to do a bit more walking on the glider today. Nothing much else planned just a lazy Sunday with maybe a bath thrown in!

Coming to the end of my AAM week tomorrow, so no more cottage cheese :cry:

Hope we all have a good day.



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Good Morning
Yes a bath is good , relaxing and thinking postive thoughts . Just got a paper today and reading about Kate and Gerry are at the Airport waiting to come home 9:30 am flight , very sad for them coming back without Maddy
Morning all
another new day and another bit of us all gone lol
I feel so determined with it all and I feel the future is bright lol
Got up to a bottle of water and a cup of coffe.
I dont start my shakes until lunchtime and I feel that is working for me. I have a soup tea time and another shake late eveining.
Today I am going to start on my exercise bike, so wish me luck.

Have a good day everyone and chins up.
We can all succeed at this.
Good Luck for another day.
Morning all!
DH is ill with man flu <<sigh>>
Should be going out to a show today, the local craft/ local authority etc event
Will see how he is though when I get him up in a mo.
Managed 5 litres yesterday! Hoping to do the same today!
Went shopping with the girls yesterday and got myself some lovely fitted black trousers in a size 12!
Catch you all later, have a good day all X


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Morning all ~ been up for a few hours and downed about 1 litre so far. Got both my son & his girlfriend and daughter & her boyfriend home at the moment, so am taking them all to the Carvery later on today.

Seeing as I'm on 790 now I plan on eating a small roast, with just meat & veg ~ plus mineral water. Glad I can join them in a meal as it's not often we all get together.

I think the whole 'Madeline' story is getting out of hand ~ seems to me that the focus is moving away from finding the little mite, to finger-pointing at the parents. I've found the whole event strange ~ I know they have different laws out there, but everything seems to be shrouded in a cloud of mystery ~ which simply generates a lot of speculation, which cant be helping matters.

Anyways, hope you all have a good day ~ will pop back on here later and see how it going ~ ta ta for now :wavey:

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Morning all,

Ive just lazed about reading the papers so far this morning, im feeling a bit rough (have a sore throat and ear but only the left side) going to do some housework and then off to visit my mum and dad for a couple of hours.

Chocoholic - I do the same as you, having my first shake at lunch time, then one when hubby has his dinner and another in the evening while im watching TV.

Right off to start cleaning.

Have a lovely day everyone xx
Good Morning everyone...got up early this morning...done housework, washing and walked the dog.Just got to do the dinner and then the rest of the day is mine, don't know what to do with it though,lol. I'm doing great with ss and feeling very motivated, hope u r all having a god day.
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Hi guys,

Just off to the gym, then I'll do some cleaning, some lesson planning for next week and then I'll have a nice long bath!

Have a good day! x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Off to work in a minute...

Glad to hear you so Positive Linda you're doing great..
Enjoy you're bath Butterfly

Had my 2 litres so far qand will have my 1st shake when I get to work....I'm there til 9 tonight so will space them out.

Have a Brill afternoon all will pop in when I get home.
Afternoon everyone.

I had a fall off the wagon last night which I did not want to do. Went visiting some friends and when asked if I wanted to stay for dinner I tried saying no, citing how it was inconvenient for them, but they weren't having it. How do you all cope with telling people about this diet? These are my ex inlaws who I love dearly but she seriously would not understand this at all. So I had a chicken breast and a few new potatoes. I felt sick afterwards because I'd done 6 days with no problems and would have carried on quite happily into today. I came home, drank loads of water and that was it but I feel crappy about the whole thing.

Back to normal today. My question to all you veterans of this is, do you really have to curtail your social life to do this? I don't have much of one, I have to say so last night was unusual.

And another question - I'm meeting friends for drinks on Thursday ... what can I drink that won't ruin this??

Sorry for all the questions!!
boley - u poor thing! at least it was protein with just a small amount of carbohydrate veg so hopefully it wont have had much effect, if any.

Personally, I have curtailed my social life almost completely since starting cd. I have missed a few evenings out, a hen night and other bits and pieces BUT I know that plenty of others on here have managed to still have a very active social life without any problems!

I knew that if i put myself in those type of situations then it would be HIGHLY dangerous for me and i would probably cheat so for me it was better to put the social life on hold for 3 or 4 months. I'm looking to get out and about again in time for all the christmas parties!

I think its a personal choice and you can know what is right for you by thinking about your danger triggers and trying to work your social life around them if possible.

Thanks for your post Jodie.

I'm quite happy to curtail the social life but then I think I so rarely get out that the odd nights I could go and be with friends, I should go. It's really not the eating either, it's the drinking. I need to check with my counsellor about what I can drink other than water. Surely tonic water should be ok?

I feel ok about last night given I didn't use it as an excuse to go completely off the rails which I might have done in the past.
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Hi Boleyn

It is a tricky one, I took the decision to tell people what I was doing that way if I didn't feel I could resist I could explain why I wasn't going to come and if I was feeling strong I could go and they would understand why I wasn't eating. I know this isn't for everyone though.

Georgie x
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Day 3 and guess what???


I woke up this morning dreading another day of feeling starving...but I feel nothing. Not hungry...not full...just feel wonderfully normal


Sue *who now really believes she can do this*
Still feeling really tired and lethargic today and SO hungry:(

I am still fighting the urge to cheat today. I am feeling the weakest (mentally) that i have since starting cd...:sigh:

I've just had my second shake so hope that will stave off the hunger pangs for a bit. Got a 790 meal to look forward to later but haven't got any veg in except pickled red cabbage! Should make for an interesting dinner!:D

Work tomorrow so hopefully it should be an easier day. Wont have the chance to be tempted so much!

Weigh in on Thursday and think i will ask about moving up to 1000. I'm getting abit confused by all of the conflicting advice on which plan you should be on at which stage of the diet. I see that there is a sticky on the subject so will try to study that later. Anyway, i think that I could now probably go onto 1000 but i'm abit worried about the weight loss slowing up even more - i'm only losing 2lbs per week as it is - if it went down to 1lb per week then I'm not sure I could face that!

Anyway, sorry, I'm rambling! Chat later


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Hi guys

Sorry I havent been on. I had my first WI today and lost 5lbs! It would have been much better but I had a really bad day eterday and had everything and anything to eat. My CDC is away now for 2 weeks so Im a bit nervous to say the least!
Afternoon girls and guys :) Not been on for a few days thanks to my foot i never thought such minor surgery would be so tiring have been in bed by 8.30 for most of the week and been very naughty not been resting it atall until today and my wound's been bleeding too which isn't good and my diet has completely gone out of the window so i'm really quite ashamed with myself after all the effort i've put into it until now. Am back on track today though as last night for the first time i actually felt really guilty and bad about what i'd done but i think i needed that as a kick up the backside so i'm hoping for minimal damage by wi on friday but on the VERY positive side i've lost another 2inches from my waist and 4.5inches off my body this week so that's 22inches lost since 17th August :-D and a pair of trousers that were extremely tight last time i wore them and i mean like several months ago now fit lovely and i can even fit a fist down the waistband so i'm a happy bunny :)

Hope everyone else is managing well this weekend, h2b is really winding me up he's eating a bowl of cornflakes next to me now it's not what he's eating that's annoying me it's all the slurping he's doing its DISGUSTING how can anyone be SO noisy eating cereal bleurghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Congrats on the fab weight loss Laney and Jodie hope you're managing to resist temptation, you're doing so well and look at how much weight you've lost, you'll still lose weight on the 1000plan and you do only have 10lbs left to lose anyway so it is going to be a slower weight loss as there's 30less lbs of fat for your body to burn off so don't let it get you down think of it as that HUGE achievement that it is!!!!!!! hugs xx

Suzie YAY for not feeling hungry hope you keep it up...bet you can't wait for WI :-D xx

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