Hour by Hour - Wed 5th Sept

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by westiegirl, 5 September 2007 Social URL.

  1. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

    Morning one and all.

    Last night I was not as good as I planned, but drawing a line under it and back at it today.

    Just had half a pack and half a litre of water. Got to get ready for work. Darn can't remember where I left my school uniform. Wonder if I'll be made to stand in the corner today???????
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  3. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Good morning!:D

    Rise above your child boss!!!
    Deffo line under yesterday, you can do this!!

    Off to take kids to school and creche then hitting the gym for an hour!
    I managed 3 1/2 litres yesterday,... must do better today!!
    Good luck weigh ins and have a great day X
  4. Maz35

    Maz35 Full Member

    Morning Sarah and Nicky
    Sarah I'm with you this morning, line under last night :( I was fine all day and then turned into a crazy woman when i got home and ate pretty much everything in sight that was worth eating! Hope work is ok today :)
    Have a great workout at the gym Nicky, I'm meant to go to body pump tonight but i have so much to do before my holiday i might not make it :(
    Have a great days girls x
  5. pmosgirl

    pmosgirl Full Member

    Morning Ladies

    Well, I've just finished work - got a butterscotch mousse to look forward to, take may son to school and then bed!!!!!

    Hope everyone has a brilliant day - keep drinking the water!!!!!
  6. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Oopps, sorry folks..have also started a Wednesday thread..must have done it together.

    Off to work soon, off the afternoon so catch up with everything then.

    Good luck with any weigh ins today.
    Take care
  7. Sarah M

    Sarah M Getting the hang of this

    Morning all, day 2 went well, much better than i expected infact! Im sure that this must be the calm before the storm though. Only managed a pint of water so far, got 2 litres sitting infront of me now im at work so i'll get slurping! Hope everyone has a great day and heres to day 3 for me xx
  8. saffron

    saffron Gold Member

    good morning girls,
    my 2 dd have gone back to school today!!!!!!!!!!!, ds back tomorrow!!! why oh why cant schools go back on the same bloomin day!!!!
    good luck for any weigh-ins today
  9. sazzy34

    sazzy34 Gold Member

    Just taking my little boy to pre school, misses school by two weeks lol.
    1litre down already.
    Have a good day everyone.

    by the way has anyone heard NESSA not seen her for a while.
  10. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    Good Morning everyone.

    Sarah, I did see a post from Nessa a day or 2 ago, can't remember what it said but she seemed ok.

    I hope she comes back soon.

    Every one have a great day today, I have to concentrate on the water today.

    Enjoy the gym Spooky.

    ttfn xx sj xx
  11. Maz35

    Maz35 Full Member

    Doesn't time fly!! Been at work 2.5 hours and still not managed my first litre of water! Need to get though 4 litres today to stop me eating tonight :( Have loads to do so you think that would help but it didn't last night :( Have a good morning everyone - will be around all day just to help me keep on the straight and narrow! Only 2 more 5.30 alarm calls before hols!! Can't even get excited until I finish work Friday :(
  12. atlonglast

    atlonglast Member

    hello all this site has been the prompt for me to start CD met my CDC last night and have started this am and am feeling really positive............
  13. Maz35

    Maz35 Full Member

    good luck, this site is fantastic for support and a chat, have a good day x
  14. Ings

    Ings Full Member

    Good morning girls!

    I am on day 7 today and going strong! I have a bit of an anal question with regards to weighing myself! Because i cant get to my CDC, i am doing my own weekly weigh in, my question is do you guys do it on the 7th day or the 8th day? I started on Thursday (day1) so should i weigh myself tomorrow Thursday (day 8) which makes it Thursday to Thursday ? how do you guys normally do it?
    It probably doesnt really matter but i like uniformity!!

    Have a fandabby doo da day!
  15. Mrs Roch

    Mrs Roch Silver Member

    Hi Guys....

    Back at work today - what joy...!!!! :(

    I hate not being able to take DS to school and collect him - I hate it for him and me... he misses running out to his mum after school like all the other kids and I hate not holding his hand as we walk home and sitting and reading with him when we get to school..... :cry: :cry:

    Sorry feeling bit sorry for myself today - just had to vent... :cry:

    Have had my morning Tetra split with hot water and just starting on my first jug of water with S/Berry.... blimey this routine is boring at times but scales say I'm another 1lb down so I suppose it's worth it... and I'm looking forward to getting out of the 13's as quickly as possible, I really don't want to linger about in them...

    I'm out on Saturday night for OH's birthday and I've booked very nice restaurant - it's for birthday and to say Thank You for everything he's done and doing for Mother Funkers - won't be a cheap night...!!!! Have told CDC that I'm going and thankfully they do lots of fish dishes so will be going for damage limitation (I love that phrase..!!) :)

    Hope everyone has a good day...

    H xx
  16. Mrs Roch

    Mrs Roch Silver Member

    INGS - I go from Monday to Monday...

    I started on a Monday and have my weekly WI on a Monday evening - in theory I suppose I'm just finishing my 8th day...

    H xx
  17. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Morning all

    Apologies I have been very bad at posting on the daily lately, work keeps getting in the way unfortunately!!

    Well I am starting my AAM week, first day yesterday. My plan is to keep it as boring as possible so I don't miss it when it's gone. So cottage cheese and cucumber it is!! Mind you it is amazing how good cottage cheese tastes when you haven't had anything to eat for four weeks!! Feeling a bit low at the moment as the weight doesn't seem to be coming off very fast and have woken up with headache and backache but persevere I will.

    Welcome to all joining the CD journey, good luck with any WIs and here's to a 100% day for us all.

  18. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

    Hello everyone. Lunch time for me. Having quite a good day. All the manager's are in a meeting today so we're chatting away like crazy. Actually anytime the manager's come out they are chatty too. Except the manager from yesterday, she's ok but not that chatty!

    Just had the second half of my shake from this morning, Had about 2 litres already, so that's all good. I have noticed over the last couple of days that I can get my trousers down now without undoing them. Not easily, but with a little persuasion. The same as when I was on LL last time, I am losing weight from my bum first, and they keep slipping down. My aim is that they'll be too big by the end of the month.

    Ah well, the office beckons so I best get back at it. Have a good afternoon everyone.
  19. saffron

    saffron Gold Member

  20. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Just got in from work and having my 1st shake of the day..already had 2 litres water today + a coke zero (made a nice change) only allowing myself 1 of them aday..:rolleyes:

    Going to spend some time catching up on everyones posting..:character00148:

    Have got a busy afternoon ahead...some new clients to see which is lovely.:)

    Sorry you are a bit down today....the weight will come off Georgie you are doing brilliant..love reading your posts.:hug99::flowers:

    Good luck every one on a good CD day.:wavey:
    Take care
    XX :gen126::gen126:
  21. muffin top

    muffin top Member

    hi all,
    late checking in today, but just got up !!
    yeah i'm lazy, actually i'm not i work nights :rolleyes:
    just getting into a bottle of water now.
    had a quick sneack on the scales -2lb from yesterday am :eek:, must have been all the loo trips !
    hope everyone's having a good day, check in later

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