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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by goose, 24 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Ok as some of you regulars know on here im super gutted im doing this 2nd time round, but i know im deffo doing this for another 4/5 weeks and i just realised even of i just do it till then it will have taken my bmi from just touching the obese bmi to top of normal so even if i dont get to target thsts surely an achievement!

    I cant remember exactly how i felt on this last time but moods do go up n down. I dreamt i made hubby toast and thst i scoffed some down thsn thought sod it!! Woke up horrified!

    I really really need to take my own advice... I keep worrying about the big picture and will i get to goal?! Just need to try take one day at a time.
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  3. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    This diet plays havoc with ur mood, especially tom! I know, I'm there! Xx
  4. daisey123

    daisey123 Full Member

    I have been on one major emotional rollercoaster this week! I've had a laugh I've had a cry and I've had a kick off! It's deffo a tough emotional diet but I've found it easy to sometimes go with it. If I feel like a cry, then go to your room and have a good cry! X
  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    I was on the roller coaster last point in thinking to far ahead...take it one day at a time for now.
  6. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Thankyou ladies.

    I have a confession to make ... I ate yesterday :( not much but the temptation was staring me in the face... You know the bakery goodies i mentioned? Well my mum packed a small box for the hubby... N id hid it in the fridge. My neice came round n i had nothing to offer her so i remembered the goodies... Anyway i offered her and she declined. When she left they just were there, i picked and put them down numerous times, thsn i dont know wat happened, id promise id chew abd spit out... You cN guess the rest.

    It wasnt too bad of a blip in the grand scheme of things, im back on today 100% this flippin diet plays mind games. Ivd not put all the weight i lost with one blip so why give up. I really really need to not thibk too much into the future, it just stresses me out, what am i gonna do in particular situations re food but i just need to concentrate on one day at a time.
  7. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    Remember ur own words, they really struck a chord with me! U buy a bunch of 7 roses, if one dies u don't through them all out! Come on girlie, u got this sh!t down! Xx
  8. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Hsha i love you!!! You've made me feel
    Soooo much better!!! I was 100% yesterday so still hoping for a loss tomorrow.

    Ive stopped thinking too much about the future and just taking one day at a time. We have quite a few family events in sept n aug which i keep
    Worrying about but i refuse to worry!!! Will think about it nearer the time!
  9. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    U go girl! Xx
  10. and

    and Silver Member

    Hey Goose and yeye - well I'm back - again!

    Bought some new scales yesterday and was rather pissed off to see I weight about 1.5stones more than I did last summer - AND I did a VLCD since then too!!!

    I really gotta work out how to maintain!

    I'm doing exante this time as I just can't stand the thought of LT.


    Trying not to be annoyed with myself despite this being my 7th? time on a VLCD.
    I just keep remembering that weight I lost first time round has never gone back on. It's just the subsequent attempts that have been futile. :)

    Ah well... here we go... again.

  11. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Its hard wen you are going a vlcd again

    You must let me know how examte goes and wat your looses are like..ive akwYs been interested in it!!

    Im already thinking about maintenance n im thibking simple calorie counting, with a couple if 500 calorie fasts thrown in the week. I just want a plan that will not overtake my whole like like WW Or SW with constant points/syns

    Everything has calories on so shld be easy up do and it means nothing's off limits as long as its in my allowance!
  12. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    Welcome back xx Alternate days fasting for me for maintenance xx

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