How Britney, Angelina and Madonna might look in another ten years


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Or in some cases 30 lol They havent changed that much in the past 10 years


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With the plastic surgery most of them will probably have, and of course their make up artists, I doubt they'll look any different from now, esp Posh lol ;)


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More like what they'd look like if they didn't have all their money! I think Madonna would rather die than get a wrinkle.

That is some terrible photoshopping though :p


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Am I the only one who thinks Madonna is awful? I'd rather kiss a skeleton, it'd be about the same.


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I think Madonna looks awful in both pictures...
Yikes some of those are not pretty! I have to admit, I was surprised at the Telegraphs optimism that Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Spears, with their self destructive behavior, will be around in 10 years.