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How can I fight this?


Going for Goal!
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Good morning all,

I need to be quite 'graphic' to explain my current dilemma.

I seem to have lost my weight so far from my bottom, hips, thighs (anything below belly button) I've noticed though that my stomach (above belly button) is not shifting, and with going down sizes, it looks bigger because it over hangs.

Yesterday my hb was convinced that there was something wrong with my top. I knew what he could see (my belly - carefully hidden, so i thought, under my floaty top) He'd mentioned it twice - once before we left, and once on the way into the car. "Are you sure there isn't something wrong with that top, it doesn't look right" and "Is it the wind blowing underneath it?"

When we got out of the car, he came over and was mortified when I blushed bright red at him poking. "ooh sorry" was the reply.

Problem now is, I'm even more concious about it now than before. No tops hide my over hang.

What can I do? I do exercise each day, maybe there is something I can add to my routine to help my waist up area.

:(:(:(:( I'll do anything!
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Awww Emma, mine was like that for a couple of weeks and it was awful, but it did go down within 2 weeks...isn't it terrible the way your body seems to want to embarass you out of this diet! for a while I considered quitting it because I was getting such an odd shape....but it has gotton smaller and I have ordered a slendertone flex belt to see if that helps to tone my stomach muscles..maybe you could try the same hun???


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Dont worry hun, it will catch up, promise. It has happened to me but the opposite way round, measure yourself and see if there are any losses it will show there, it has to get smaller.


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Hiya hunny this happend to me but the other way round i lost off my waiste but then my lower stomach looked pregnant! Even yesturday at the beach my OH patted my dress down which was quite floaty and i said what are you doing? and he said ur dress was floating out and it made you look pregnant lol i was like thanks...... its not as big as it was i think it was me being bloated as much as the flab but eventually it will go hun and ull have a nicer flat stomach.. in the mean time ive got an Ab roller/cruncher to do sit ups on and it really helps tone up your stomach muscles particulary the area you are having issues with! (not so much the lower abdomen ive having issues with damn it ) theyre quite cheap in argos catalog have a look and see :):) slendertone belts can work but are very expensive


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it happened to me too ems, and it does go down. i had a roll of fat under my ribcage that used to drive me nuts! if you are really self consious, maybe get one of those m&s tummy tuck knickers? although they are as uncomfortable as hell, especially in this heat. what's that slendertone thing people keep talking about?


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Slendertone are basically the eletronic belt things they have sticky pads that you stick to your stomach ( or legs or whatever area the belt caters for ) and they send eletric shocks through your muscles to make them contract so its like doing sit ups or exercise without actually doing anything, but they are very expensive my stomach one cost about £50 and the battery charger thing that works all of the slendertone products is £70 the best thing i would advize is instead of taking the lazy expensiv option to try swimming or sit ups or even bums and tums classes they will get you fitter overall and tone up those areas :D


can see the end in sight!
S: 20st7lb C: 12st10lb G: 12st6lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 7st11lb(37.98%)
crikey that is expensive! swimming is great for an all over body workout. i love it!


Going for Goal!
G: 13st0lb
Thanks for your replies guys.
I'm just having a complete nightmare with it. I haven't done measurements actually to date, so I may do that today and start recording it.

I did contemplate getting the slendertone, but it is pricey, and right now I'm not sure finances will stretch that far.

At the moment the only exercise I do, other than walking to work and being on my feet all day is the wii fitness coach, which I think is good. I try to do 15 mins of Maya's recommendation and 1 hour cardio twice a week.

I guess i'll just have to persevere with that for now and hope my stomach goes in soon.

It's getting that way where i'm going to start avoiding people again. Every top/trousers I wear just doesn't hid my bulge over the top of my trousers - I feel I look a disgrace.

I know it wont last long, but until it goes I'll be hiding behind baggy cardigans.

I may try slendertone in a few more months, I think i'll save up for one, i can see amazon do better value deals on them.

Thanks for all your help guys - I didn't know quite how to explain it, but i'm glad i'm not alone!


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Hey Emma..
Try not to get upset about it hon. your doing so well and your body will change it all evens out for sure..
Chin up your doing great x


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I know how you feel. My stomach is awful. Everywhere else is fine but I could never wear a bikini. Stretch marks + cellulite = not a good look :(

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