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How can i stop nibbling?

In a bit of a rut at work and constantly nibble all morning. now on slimming world and nibbling all the right things but just feel if i dont constantly nibble all morning then my weight loss will be better. sit at a desk and computer all day. i can do great at home where i am not bored! What can i do to stop my nibbling? today i have had an alpen bar, crab sticks, ham and apple and muller light, some water, 2 cups of tea and 2 cans of diet coke! i am trying to cut my coke down and trying to drink more plain water.
I had one slice of eggy bread for breakfast. should have had more but time restrictions!
anyone else have the same problem.
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Bring on the weight loss!
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I would make sure that you get enough calories for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
If you dont have a decent breakfast then you will end up feeling hungry really quickly! I tend to have cereal which keeps me full until lunchtime and if im hungry - I eat carrots/apples etc etc.
Just not snacking on the junk will be helping! Drink more water? X

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Stop taking the alpen bars and the crab sticks and the ham etc. into work with you!! Decide what you think is ok for you to have - I'll take a can of diet pepsi and perhaps an apple or a punnet of cherries - and just take those with you.

Something I used to do years ago was always take a huge bottle of sparkling water to work with me and would drink that over the course of the morning. Somehow the fact that the water was sparkling made it seem a bit more exciting than just old plain water!!


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It strange how we are different in different situations...I used to work with a girl who would have an actimel yoghurt at 9.30, a tracker bar at 10.30, a banana at 12.00 and so on. Honestly you could set your watch by her - but at the weekend or when she was on holiday it never bothered her.

If boredom is the reason, can you vary your routine at work at all? That might shake you up enough to cut back on the snacking, or take SS foods to snack on, at least that way you are boosting your intake of fresh fruit and veggies

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Change your nibbling habit for a different one. If you feel like a nibble do something else with your hands, maybe pick up a pen & write.

Can't think of anything else at the mo. But if you are genuinely hungry nibbling on the 'right' foods is ok.


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i agree with Joeyjojo and get a decent breakfast. and adding on to that lunch and tea:) slice of eggy toast wouldn do me at all i don't think but i find porridge brilliant for first thing in the morning and above all make time for breakfast:)

someone told me before "eat like a king at breakfast, prince at lunch and pauper at dinner" but other than that change jobs to something that satisfies you and keeps you busy although scarce enough these days;)

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