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How come..


I'm sure I have hip bones
.. there are so many people coming to the JUDDD subforum, introducing themselves as new starters and then they disappear again?

Don't get me wrong, I know no diet is easy but there are only 4 active (I am not counting myself in for the time being) JUDDD people on the forum and I am starting to wonder whether JUDDD is a lot harder than I think it is. Or even too unhealthy to keep it up? Or just not effective at all (in the long run)?

Any thoughts?
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i have also wondered the same thing myself. I see a lot of people starting it but not many people sticking with it. I cant answer that from a personal experience just yet as I went from being on a major plateau for nearly 2 months and then I started Juddd and lost 5 pounds in one week which is unheard of. But this week I have stayed the same. If I stay the same for the next 3 weeks, I think I will have to try something else. But as long as I keep on losing, I will keep at it. I think the only way you will be able to answer it is to do it yourself and see if you get any results. I certainly dont find it hard, it sounds harder than it actually is in reality. Although some down days are more trying than others I have always made it through a down day and never had to change it to a medium day because I couldnt manage but I am sure those days are ahead of me. The worst time was during the TOTM when you are always a bit more peckish than usual.
I'm still at it! Have been on Juddd since new years and have had a loss with it every week that I have stuck to it.. It's just my boyfriend works abroad for weeks at a time and when he comes home I don't diet so we can enjoy our time together! He came home for 3 weeks in Feb and I put on 5lbs and he came home for 2 weeks this month and I only put on 3 :) and that's me eating a lot of food.. sometimes 2 desserts a day (I do love my sweet stuff!) He went back to work this week so I'm back on it.. I find it easy to pick this diet up again, I even quite look forward to getting back to it after all the excess!! xx


I'm sure I have hip bones
Hello you both, thank you for your replies. I was just wondering why so many people started and never came back to the subforum. Other subforums for example the SW forum is blooming and busy but nobody seems to be interested in JUDDD. I think I will just give it a try. I have tried so much, trying JUDDD for a couple of weeks won't harm :) .


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I am gonna give it a go, too. Just because there are only few people here does not mean the diet is bad. It's just less popular. I assume the fact that you may only eat 500 calories every other day scares people off.


I'm sure I have hip bones
True, Phoenix. I mean when I read about the 500kcal a day I thought "not a chance, I am not doing it" and it was only after two days when I hardly ate but was okay with it when I decided that I will give it a chance :) .


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I'm thinking of giving this a go. Currently doing CD 1000 plan and losing about 1.5 per week. I am cheating a fair bit, tbh, and trying to make up for it on other days so in effect having fewer cals one day and more the next, so similar thing really. Need to buy the book to read more on this plan.


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I think this is a relatively new concept of dieting. and it is true the look of horror on peoples faces when you tell them you are only eating 500 cals on your down day is shocking. my work colleagues call it the starvation diet, but saying that they are about 6 stone wet through! More people are noticing my weight loss so I have just started saying that I am just cutting down as it is easier trying to explain the diet and the concept without them thinking "oh no wonder she is losing weight, she is starving herself" they have not done the research we have and they often dont hear what we have on the up day as they are so flabbergasted by the fact we only have 500 cals on a down day.
Hi, I started JUDDDD on Monday and it is going ok so far. I am finding the DDs a bit of a struggle but I'm holding on! I thought I'd let you know about SparkPeople in case you don't. I just joined it as well and there are quite a few JUDDDers on there (although they call it the Alternate Day Diet) Its sparkpeople.com and you set up a profile a bit like Facebook. You can track your weight, food, fitness and there are loads of good articles, etc. This diet seems to be really popular in the States. There are a lot of people on Spark from the US who are on it (and have been on it for years) and love it. Its very encouraging. I thought I'd let you know since you mentioned about only being a few on here.
I hope everyone is doing well.
Juls x
thanks juls, i will pop on over there x
I browse on here cos I have been looking for options for maintenance once I reach (or get close to) my goal with Exante.

When I first heard about JUDDD I was really sceptical, it sounded like just another faddy diet and I was ready to dismiss it, except that I tend to eat a bit like that naturally anyway with days when I hardly eat at all for various reasons and others where I hardly stop so it kind of appealed.

The more I've looked into it the more I've been impressed tbh. It does seem to be more successful as a maintenance diet than a fantastic weight-loss plan though but I think it depends on what limits you set for your days from what I have read so far.

Please keep posting JUDDD-ers, even if it feels like you are erm peeing in the wind at the moment. It's really useful for us undecided souls to be able to pop in and see how you are doing, what you like about the plan, when you struggle etc.

I'll maybe be joining you for good in another couple of months. In the meatime if it makes you feel better I'll keep popping by and saying hello and maybe asking the odd question about how it all works!


i had a quick look but it looked a bit complicated the way it was set out. not very clear. I will give it another go when i have time.

nice to meet you yambabe. I just wanted to say that I definitley dont see this diet as a maintenance diet, in fact one of the reasons for doing it was because I had plateaued and I had tried for 2 months to get out of the plateau. This is the most weight I have lost on any diet. I think it is great. 9 pounds in 4 weeks is unheard of for me! I only really lose about a pound a week on any diet. I will keep going till it stops then try plan B (when i work out what plan B is! lol)


I'm sure I have hip bones
Hi there I am back, first JUDDD day, UP Day today and I have the book here, waiting to be read. I will post mu progress :) .
Coming on to judd from a vlcd i'm hoping i'm going to find it easier lol. I'm going to stick to it for a couple of weeks to see what the weight loss is like so i hope you're all still here so can have a good natter about the diet, weight loss and anything else :D
sparkle when i first started the diet, i dont think there was anyone actively doing it so it did feel for a while i was posting on my diary and no one was listening (even though i could see lots of views, people never commented) but now there are about half a dozen of us doing it and a few who have only done 1 week so you are not on your own. I think you will find down days a breeze and at first your up days you will be frightened to eat as your mind is conditioned to the fact it is cheating but you soon get used to it. I love it so come on board
Thanks Karen, i did feel guilty today about eating, in fact i could only eat half a sandwich at lunch time because i felt so guilty, i did manage most of my dinner though but it's going to take some getting to use to after having weeks of diet shakes. Roll on tomorrow where i'll feel comfortable lol.
Yes the juddd board has always been a bit all or nothing lol. I've been on juddd on and off (had some personnal problems and a house move this year so diet went out the window unfortunately!) since September, the board got quite busy at one stage and it was great as loads of us supporting eachother. But then everybody disappeared again for unknown reasons :(
you will get used to it sparkle, just remember to eat well on your up day. I am not sure if you dont eat enough it may not work. I cant be positive though, you will get used to it. good luck

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