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How did you used to see yourself

Well I have just received my holiday photos back when I weighed 17.9lbs and I cant believe how awful I looked.

I knew I was fat but just didnt see it as it was. Do you think I was in denial, I am just so amazed.

I am going to put the picture on my fridge as I think it will be a great deterent. Will try and put them on my gallery but may take some time.
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Hi Lady

I still can't look at pictures of myself so much as a month ago. I already feel so much better about myself and I am only a month in.

Roll on June and July when I can look back at the old me and give her two fingers.


Back to the grindstone!!
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I know what you mean. I got my photos from finishing developement last week and compared them to the photos from the start of Foundation and I don't recognise the women!! Either of them!!! There is a huge difference but then I have lost a lot of weight! I may be brave enough to put them up sometime.
I still can't believe that I was as big as I was and that no one said anything. I hope that I manage to keep things in check because I don't want to go back there again!
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Strange isn't it how we see ourselves compared to how we are ---- urgh to photographs! But to be honest when I was bigger if i looked at them I'd still convince myself that they weren't too bad!
Hi folks

I really agree with what you're all saying. I don't think we realise how fat we were until we start losing weight. I was deffo in denial! But thank goodness cos I wouldn't have left the house if I had really acknowledged how much weight I had put on! I think my mind was protecting me from the horror of reality lol!

Btw I do maintain on over 2000 cals a day and don't put on...maybe it's becos I'm tall and do a lot of exercise?
Well I don't know if it's denial or not but now with 4 st lost so far, I just can't believe it when I see the before and after picture. the first thought is how did I let myself go this far?. I still don't really have the answer but looking back at them I know that I like th enew me better and will do my best to keep it that way.
Don't worry about looking good or not before it's now that counts.
I was so upset by how I looked that I got rid of all the photos as soon as they were developed unless they were just my face. How silly as now I have no candid "before" photos!
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I always used to avoid having photos taken before losing all my weight, but after losing 4 stones on CD I felt brave enough to look through the old photos trying to find a before photo. It actually reduced me to tears when I saw how awful I used to look. Why did no body say anything, and why did I not see it for myself?

I vowed from that moment never to get back to that state again.
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I know I am much the same. I will get dressed, and look at myself in the mirror and think I look 'ok', Nothing special. Just OK. Not a happy reflection, but I think 'well,I've seen worse'. Then I will see a photo of me taken that same day, and I am SHOCKED!!! I think 'that is NOT what I looked like in the mirror!!!!! IS IT????" Its quite interesting. Are we not willing to allow us to see us as we really are?? Is it denial? Or just self-protecting? Or is it self sabotage - if we see how we really looked, would we have allowed ourselves to keep stuffing?

Its a very strange phenomenen.
Have to agree with you BL I am glad in a way that I never saw me as me otherwise I would of been sooooooo depressed. I dont think it would of helped it would of made me stuff more I think.

Perhaps its because now our heads are getting in the right place and physicoligically we are able to accept the true old FAT person.

As I said earlier I am so glad I didnt see me otherwise I would of become a hermit.:cry:
I know what you mea, I used to think, "Yes, ok, I'm BIG (not fat!)" when i looked in the mirror, but it was my holiday pics I got back last year that made me think omg, I;ve just got to do something about it!

(Cue Bucks Fizz, "The camera Never Lies....!")

Just tried to paste a pic from my hols last year but it won't let me! Booooo!:mad:


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I saw myself lots of different ways.

I saw myself in the mirror (not a full length one as i never had one) as looking pretty good, but I would pose so my chin was tucked in, you know when you just your chin out, and i'd think I was okay.

then when I'd get remarks I'd see myself as a fat failure, and an awful person, nasty, not worth anything at all.

then when my then b/f would say nice things i'd half believe him that i looked fine.

photos, i thought they must add weight to you, so i would rip loads up.

Video - don't even go there!

Generally speaking when I was on my own I felt fine - but i think it was the denial thing.
i was a mixed bag of emotions abotu my size, I'm not going to lie and say I got all that figured out now, I havnt, but I feel better about passing a group of kids as the comments stopped.
I've had them all, free willy, fatty you name it.


Back to the grindstone!!
S: 16st9lb C: 16st4lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 43.1 Loss: 0st5lb(2.15%)
Gosh yeah!! I used to always avoid being in front of the camera. More than happy to be behind it and I regret that now as I don't have too many "before" pics. But to know others have photos of you and the perceived "laughing at you" thing used to upset me. I have put a call out to family for a copy of those photos now that I am in a different place and I am more than happy to be in front of the camera now.
I don't think I see what others see as far as my weight is concerned yet. I still see the woman I have always seen, she is just fitting into smaller clothes! I see the labels on the clothes but the sizes don't always compute in my head if you know what I mean.
I don't ever want to go back to the place I was size wise this time last year and that will, hopefully, keep me grounded!!
I can live in hope. 4 weeks into Rtm and I am actually enjoying it. I made myself a fruit bowl for my breakfast tonight which is unheard of for me!!!


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
I'm with on the sizes thing - when I was a 22/24 if I looked at a size 14 then they seemed really tiny to me. When I got to a 12 a 14 seemed like a big size - now I'm back in 14's and heading for my 12's again, I see being a size 14 in jeans as too big - it's weird how our perceptions change.
I don't think I'll ever see being a size 12 as big though, it's the first sizing on the small side to me.
I know we have size 6's and 8's today, but back in the 80's 10's and 12's were the size to be.
We didnt have people trying to be a size 6 back then, if they were a 8 that meant they were really skinny - I really think we had a healthier attitude 25 years ago -- I know we think we are all trying to be healthy these days, but when we didnt have the constant tv programmes and the internet we seemed so much more satisfied with who we were.

Put it this way Maddonna in the 80's versus posh spice in the 2000's
madonna, sexy and well covered, fun and natural
posh spice, so unsexy, bones showing and none of it natural

i feel sorry for the youngsters of today. Their perception of what is beautiful must be well warped.

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