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how do i cope at work?

good morning everyone, hope you are all well!!

im now on my 2nd CD day and the water is going down nicely to keep my from being too hungry. thing is i drank 6.5 litres yesterday (basically drinking when i feel hungry) but im at work tomorrow 12 - 6pm behind a counter in a shop which is very busy and im not going to get the chance to drink so much or wee so much!

i know i just have to try to drink as much as poss but im scared ill crack because ill feel ill if i dont drink and wee enough. i could tell my bosses what im doing and why i need to frequent the loo but nobody seems to get a minute so my chances of being let away are pretty slim......im worried...any advice???
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I STILL mean it!
One of the first lessons you have to learn on this journey is that you have to be single minded and sometimes selfish. If it were me, I would have a private word with my manager, and tell them that for medical reasons, I had to drink a lot of water and therefore go to the loo more than usual. The exact reasons aren't really any of their business.
You ARE losing weight for medical reasons, as your present weight is considered medically unhealthy, so it's not a lie.
Remember, don't complain, don't explain.......
Ann x


Queen of the Damned
That is an excellent suggestion Ann - nice one :)
thats excellent advice ann, thanks very much, ill defo use it, phew!

2nd day not as good as yesterday, im feeling like caving already, thinking to myself i could do weight watchers or something and ill eat well and lose weight but i know this is what led me to cave in with lighter life and im now a stone heavier! GOT TO KEEP POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE!
Hang in there..........please don't cave. I started pretty much where you are and my BMI today was 48. My weight is down 24lbs in 3 weeks. Stick with it. Good woman !!

thanks again girls, i must say ive had an easier afternoon. had my soup after my last post (spicy tomato) it was lovley and just what i needed! going to work tonight so that will take my mind of it for a few hours. day 2 nearly over already! :)
Good luck Lizzie. I agree with Ann. Whenever I don't want to eat somewhere etc etc or have special requirements I never say I am on a VLCD. Use the "medical" reason and nobody likes to question it ! And it is true !
Beautiful Picture Lizzie,

Please stick with it and follow Ann's brilliant advice. Drink as much water as you can before your shift starts and try and pace yourself during your 6 hours. If the shop is busy, you can't eat. I know on the way home from work I get hungry and have the urge to stop and buy myself some crisps HOWEVER I physically have to tell myself that a I have x amount of shakes left and they will satisfy me when I get home.

Don't do it to yourself, PLEASE do not. It's the chatterbox speaking, nothing more!
thank you all again!

my few hours last night at work were actually surprisingly easy! so im looking forward to the 6 hours today to see if i can do it (which i know i CAN!) so that will be me set up for the however many months it takes to let my thin girl out!

you know, i weighed myself yesterday at my mums, it was only day 2 but the scales were 3lbs lighter than 2 days before!!! dont know if its accurate or not so im not pinning my hope on my mums scales but WHAT A BOOST THAT GAVE ME!!! and im so into this now, roll on wednesday and my cdc's scales!! :D

good morning all hope you are all well and have a fabby weekend! xx
i know ann, i was just having a wee peek hehehe. going to go by the cd scales once a week from now on so i get a nice surprise.

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