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How do i cope with upcoming family wedding!!

S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)
Hi all:wave_cry:

I need advice from those of you who have experience of Lipotrim. i am only on my first week so complete newbie.

i have a wedding coming up in 5 weeks time. Its out foreign and its actually a 2 day event - as is the tradition in that country. Full reception, dinner etc same as our weddings here on the Sat and we all return again to the hotel on sunday for full dinner, band etc. Even the night before there is a marquee reception with food and drinks for both families to meet.

Anyway - obviously I am going to eat and have a few drinks those days. I am resigned to that. its a family wedding and I am going to enjoy it. None of my family - except my husband know I am on this diet and wouldnt be supportive if they did. My sis would joke about it and call it a fad.

What i am wondering is how best to manage my lipotrim for this. do i come off it a few days beforehand or do i keep it up to the last minute.

My intention is to go straight back on it after the wedding. am worried i will be sick if i eat and drink for 2 or 3 days after being on Lipotrim for a couple of weeks. Whats the best way around this?:confused::wave_cry:
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S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)
Cheers tigerlillie - I will have a read of that

i just dont want to do the least amount of damage I can over those few days!!! By the way you are going great - well done


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I can only go on my own experience. I did LT for 12 weeks last year, 100% no blips. I had birthdays, parties and the usual family gatherings to contend with.

This year I decided to take Easter off during TFR and it was the worst thing I could have done, I ate and ate and ate and it took me a few weeks to get back on to TFR after day after day of failed attempts.

I would say don't come off TFR but it's up to you. Do you want to eat MORE than you want to lose the weight? Ask yourself that. Hope you make the right decision.
I've also been 100% so far and while I was very tempted to come off of it for my birthday I didn't. If I were you I'd either do the proper refeed a week before and then enjoy the wedding or I would just stay 100% and come out and tell your family about the diet, I think you will be suprised by the support. My friends were a little dubious but since they have seen how dedicated I am they have come around to it quickly. Personally this diet is one of the hardest things to do when you enjoy food so I'd hope your family could understand how much effort your making to change your life.
im doing cd which is a vlcd diet as well, i agree with the above post, if you can stay 100% it will be worth it. It is really hard to get back in the zone, although you may be stonger than me!
Good luck with what you decide x


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Can I just say from someone who knows it is so hard to get back on it once you've eaten saying that I understand that these things don't come around often and tho people often say you can eat later, I understand the need to be part of the celebration it is not always because you want to eat, what ever you choose do it for you and not anyone else, in a perfect world it would be so easy to stick to 100% or get back on it easily if you have come off it, keep us posted and good luck!!
S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)

You are all so supportive. I will talk to my lipotrim consultant and see about re feed the week before. I am worried that I wont be able to motivate myself to start again. It will take a lot of willpower to do either.

Ah hell - why did the wedding have to co-incide - mind you I suppose there will always be something in the offing so I am either serious about this or not

Thanks all


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I agree with the others above - if you can stay 100% Lt then thats brilliant. Its quite hard to come back even after a short break. However if you feel that you do have to break it then try and stick to Proteins and Green Veg as that should not knock you out of Ketosis and therefore should be easier to come back on afterwards.

Good luck with your choice xx


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I agree with the others. It would be best to stay 100% Remember how hard the first week was? Imagine having to do that again! I have been out for meals with the family, round friends for fish and chips and Saturday night, I went to a party. Party food is some of my favourite and trays of it were constantly passed under my nose but I wasn't bothered at all. I nibbled on a flapjack all evening. I was quite surprised just how much I enjoyed myself being stone cold sober too! So it can be done. it depends how much you want this really pet.

But if you decide nearer the time that you really want to come off it, then at least give yourself a week or two to refeed and maintain or you will feel poorly and of course, pile on the weight and un-do your good work. All the best. xXx


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the others are so right this is my second time on lipotim and omg its been so hard to get back into it (think i may finally be there though)ive faught cried and really thought abt throwing in the towel and the one major thing that is stopping me is i feel i have a few people around me waiting for me to fall and me being me and stubborn and love proving people wrong im doing this if it kills me but i totally get that its a wedding be very careful what you drink though i screwed up lastweekend and ended up having a a few to many drinks and by the end of the night i actually couldnt speak i was so drunk (not like me)your taste buds will change and i think near the end of the night i was near enough drinking straight vodka
ask your chemist what foods to avoid and whats best to eat most weddings have a few different types of meals that you can have and remember your taste buds change i know for me after the last time on lt i could eat fish (hatted it before hand)i could drink wine again a hate of mine good luck what ever you decide but make sure you refeed exactly to aht it says on the sheet no more no less and for a min of a week


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Hi Yummymummynot (yummymummy2be!)
I think you should do a re-feed for a week if you are going to drink alcohol. I would recommend avoiding alcohol at all because its just empty calories and will only make u eat more. I think try to keep to protein and salad. I guess it would depend on what country the wedding is in, what type of food they will serve at it etc.
There are a few other serious risks for downfall here too:
Travelling! Its very difficult to eat healthily very often if you are going long haul because airplane food isn't really healthy or diet friendly. Its also difficult to prepare your own food and bring it on the plane because of security.
Also travelling is tiring and dehydrating, drink lots of water!!
Another thing is there are always lots of sweets and cake and pastry and heavy meals when its a big celebration, avoid them!! If there is no other options eat small amounts and fill up on water!!
Its harsh but if you do eat liberally then your glycogen stores start to over fill you will put lots of weight back on. Be really careful! Talk to your pharmacist.
Have a great time at the wedding and good luck with getting back on LT afterwards, if you want it, you will do it :)


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Hi, my advice would be to keep it as simple as you possibly can. Only you know you and what you are and aren't capable of. The 'bit contentious' thread was mine, and yes there were very mixed views. However, I had already done a lot of thinking and had definitely decided that I was going to go out drinking. I wasn't really bothered about the food angle in the end as it was the actual 'social occassion' that was the important thing for me. So I did eat to take myself out of ketosis so therefore not being an idiot on the drink (and I drank a lot less than I usually did too). I got straight back on the TFR programme the very next day.

a) If you want to enjoy the social eating aspect of the wedding then take the advice given of eating the proteins with veg/salad only and you can stay in ketosis. But you CANNOT drink with this decision.

b) Get some ketostix from the chemist, refeed and to get yourself out of ketosis a day or two before the wedding celebrations get some carbs inside you and use the test sticks to double check you'll be safe to have some booze

c) stay 100% and take your shakes along. You don't have to tell anyone that you are on this diet if YOU DON'T WANT TO.

I've gone out many a time and bought soda with ice and people either don't even think about it or just assume its vodka and soda!

Fortunately I have strong will power and didn't find my first week that traumatic (I read a lot of info from here so was mentally prepared for the effects and side effects, so when they did occur I knew I was a little further on the LT journey).

So, back to you, what is important for you about the wedding? The eating or drinking? Or the joining in socially? You can join in socially and be sensible with the eating/drinking? Or you can do the eating/drinking and take the consequences. If you do it sensibly you might only put your target weight date back a week or two..... you won't undo everything you've done - remember that and stay positive about your situation.

Good luck with whatever you decide and there will be people here to support your decision. Lisa x
S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)
Thanks everyone - you have all given fantastic advice. The wedding is in Poland so I have no idea what will be on the menu. I am a relatively fussy eater so please god it will be stuff I dont eat anyway!!! that would keep the little devil off my shoulder!!

I have decided to do my best to stay on the wagon - I will bring my shakes and try to stick to it. Thanks for the tip about the soda water- I didnt know I could drink that. That will give the appearance of vodka or gin or something so no one will know I am not drinking.

Cheers - you are all amazing


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I have a wedding at the end of May, so not great that i'm starting now. Although i am just thinking about going straight through and just sticking to my shakes and not drinking. I'm sure it will be worth missing out.


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Sorry Lisa- Hope you didn't mind me using your thread! In amongst the "opinions" there were some great ideas so that is why I posted it!
T x


No longer a redhead though!
S: 15st2.7lb C: 14st9.7lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st7lb(3.29%)
Sorry Lisa- Hope you didn't mind me using your thread! In amongst the "opinions" there were some great ideas so that is why I posted it!
T x

Not at all Tigerlill, if it was useful in anyway at all, either from my point of view or the opposing then it is 'all good'.

Lisa x


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Argh, I'm glad you're going to stay strong. It's easier than you think you know. I find that nibbling on the flapjack when others are eating at social occasions, helps mel. As they are a cross between ceiling tiles and perforated hard board (coupled with a spoonful of floor sweepings!) I have to drink at least two pints of water to get then down so I end up being really full!

I think that Polish food maybe heavy on the carbs too (dumplings and bread, beetroot soup). Delicious but not diet friendly so you have made a wise decision. It will be a fabulous experience though and being sober, you can really make the most of it. Have a fantastic time, they are lovely people.

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