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How do people 'treat' themselves?


is a naughty girl...
I am glad you have asked this, my mum treated me today and got me a new 1 litre water bottle...how exciting my life has become hehe


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Your post made me laugh onlyme! I too treated myself to a nice 1lt water bottle today infact it was the highlight of my day.

I plan on getting a facial or massage when I have lost my first stone :D


Needs to stop eating!!
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I am glad you have asked this, my mum treated me today and got me a new 1 litre water bottle...how exciting my life has become hehe
Lmao....lucky you :D
I dont treat myself...well I had in mind
1stone loss: Dye hair
2stone loss: new tattoo/piercing
3stone loss: New clothes

Cant be bothered anymore though lol...Still plan to do the shopping though :)
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Until I can buy loads of clothes I mainly treat myself with beauty products. I'm in love with Soap and Glory products, Bed head shampoo and conditioners, perfume and Mac cosmetics. I sure know how to treat myself.:D


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i dont really "treat" myself to be honest....
I constantly seem to be buying clothes, to the extent i have had to stop buying stuff now becuase i'm now broke!
I dont often reward myself much anyway....


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I haven't rewarded myself yet - but I have a list that includes pedicures, facials and new clothes. Not sure when I think I deserve them!


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I treat myself with nail polish! Since starting CD, my nails are stronger and much nicer so I like to show them off more. When I get to goal, I would like a foot tattoo with stars x


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No rewards so far.
I was planning to reward myself when I've lost certain amounts of weight but as the weight dropped I just couldn't bother anymore. :p
Planning a massive reward at goal though.


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Hello this post made me smile, yesterday I have seen 10 stone exactely so I have treated myself big time LOL see this post here if you want to see what I have bought. Is lovely to recognise your achievements.


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Well hubby said he will buy me a new pandora charm when I reach 2 stone, 3 stone etc. Which is a nice incentive. I haven't bought any clothes yet as I am not officially the next size down yet. Some of my 16 pants are falling off, but others are wearable. It's going to cost a fortune for a new wardrobe but I am going to ebay my clothing to try and save for new togs !!!!


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When I first started cd I used to treat myself with things for my hair or makeup or creams......

Now I am a shopaholic and buy clothes most days...... urghh far too much treating......

Its fab though!!! Love it! x


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i used to buy loads of corsets as a treat but i was spending soooo much money!!! i then discovered iron fist shoes and blimey did i spend!!!

i'm having to ban myself from going on ebay temporarily. will treat myself big time when i hit the 7st lost mark again though.

want to get my belly button pierced when i can see it again!!! :rotflmao:

lunar jim

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I don't usually, though I treat myself to a new game for the Wii last week. Not specifically due to weight loss though lol

I'm going to get some new clothes when I lose more weight. Not really a treat I guess, more a necessity as apart from the nice Ben Sherman shirt I found in the storage box under the bed yesterday (2XL, now fits perfectly!) I've only got huge clothes...


Eat to live don't live to eat!
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My husband said he would treat me for every stone lost, he bought me a dragon incense burner for my first stone loss and when I got to my second stone loss I couldn't decide what I wanted and still haven't got anything lol!

I have decided that when I get to goal I'm going to get my belly button pierced, I'm going on holiday in 6 weeks ish and would like to have it done before then but not sure yet as I think I would need to get it done at least 2 weeks before going so its all healed?

Other little treats I have are bath bombs & smellies, I like to get myself a little something when we do the food shopping then I don't feel so depressed that nothing in the trolley is for me!
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Thanks for the ideas guys. I am the typical dieter who self sabotages by rewarding myself with meals out, etc. So the ideas are good. Think I might need a treat weekly to stay motivated though and love twinkle's idea of putting something in the shopping trolley for me!


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When I did slimming world I always rewarded myself after going to Weigh-in with food which normally consisted of a takeaway & a tonne of chocolate. Since doing CD I've not wanted to do that at all and I've rewarded myself with shopping treats and beauty treatments (I need all the help I can get!). Today I bought myself a new coat in the Next Sale and the best part of all is that it is a size 14 and I haven't been that size since I probably was 14!
I don't think it matters how you treat yourself, it could be a quiet afternoon without the kids, a trip to the hairdressers, shopping etc, so long as it's not food, just so long as you know that you deserve it and you're worth treating. Whatever you do, enjoy!


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I love treating myself!!! lol

I buy bath bombs from amazon (99p!)
I get face masks and hair conditioning masks too.
Nail polish
Tanning lotions
Palmers firming lotions (helps with stretch marks and toning up)
I enjoy reading so I buy books from greenmetropolis.com - every book £3!

Enjoy x x x x
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so far I have treating myself to some fakebake and lots of beauty/hair products ...but decided to start saving up until goal and have a good shop then ...not buying many clothes..whats the point when I know they're not going to fit in a month ! lol Woo hoo!


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ooh i have a whole list of planned treats problem is i keep thinking of new ones so its getting a tad on the long side, someone mentioned a facial thats gonna be added on too now :D

my treats are things like, hair products,full new make up, perfume, im getting my hair cut and highlighted after my next one. i really look forward to my treats but it takes me forever to order things i feel so guilty spending money on myself

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