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How do you fight want to eat

the hunger and want/need to eat.
Prior to starting this diet, I didn't really eat much, but never had proper maintainance.

Nutella chocolate spread, galaxy ripples, chocolate pizza hut fudge cake and tomoto ketchup are all my down falls, and always maxed it up at the weekend as justification. ( don't drink )

I decided to do sole source +. first day, slipped and ate half a mcdonalds chix wrap, a couple of fries..after skating a kiwi fruit, x2 bites of pizza.

Today, intending on going to the gym, got side tracked, trying to find mp3 tunes to listen to, and before I knew it, hours passed, hungry struck and I went into auto mode and made a fried egg roll
(I use fry light )

The wee angel voice inside knew my bars were up stairs, but still, just 5 minutes ago, I sneaked a spoon of nutella.
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I think it's about being the right time for you, I could never stick to anything and I read a story in a book I had about a woman who'd done a VLCD and (she was initially 250lbs) and some other things happened in my life and I just thought duck it! I'm going to do this come hell or high water. Feels like a little switch in my brain has gone off. Maybe this isn't the right time for you...


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Yep I agree with LG..... It's definately got to be the right time, otherwise it's virtuually impossible to stick too.
I'm in the zone of CD so even though I sometimes have horendous cravings, I manage to win the argument in my head that eatin's cheatin!

It's hard, but so so worth it....

I hope you manage not to give in to cravings for much longer. Good luck xx
I wouldn't necessarily say it's not the right time, but I would say you have to decide what you want.
You obviously wanted to lose the weight enought to shell out the money for the shakes. But you seem to have not yet actually started the diet.
You need to find the fire in yourself and decide what it is you really want. This diet works incredibly well... just look at all the people who have lost weight quickly. BUT you have to put in some effort! This diet is hard! Personally I decided that if I was to do ss+ the temptation of eating would be too great as I have food issues. doing ss I find that no food passes my lips so it's easy..
You say sneaked a spoon of nutella.... but I'm not sure that means... you are dieting for yourself no one else... and the one person who you are doing it for is the one person who made the effort to go to the cupboard, unscrew the jar, get a spoon and pop a spoonful of Nutella in your mouth. I am the last person who will knock someone else, but sometimes we need others to say it how it is.
If you want to lose weight, CD will help you, but it won't work alone... Try to write down all the reasons you want to lose weight, then all the reasons you want to stay overweight. Then maybe write down the way you felt when you were eating the food you didn't really want.....
You just need to get your head straight...
Good luck with whatever you decide



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You really do need to be ready. Determined. If you aren't you won't get through the first days.

To put it in perpective, I'm now sitting here trying to summon the appetite for my last meal of the night.
I had porridge for breakfast, choc mint shake for lunch and then a small amount of chicken with a teaspoon of cottage cheese for dinner (I couldn't face the salad or veg, I promise I will again tomorrow.) and i've just had about an inch of my chocolate bar. I'm stuffed.

I realise I've been ill this week so that might be affecting it, but I haven't cheated once in 6 weeks nearly, and normally after I'm sick once I start eating again, I don't stop!

I can't imagine wanting to eat too much again, the thought makes me feel ill. As for fryed or stodgy food, urghh.

So you see it happens, once you get past the forgetting stage (thankfully I never actually went ahead, but I did almost forget a few times. actually one time I was making blue cheese sauce for the OH, and ended up with a splash on my hand, which i tasted then it dawned on me what I'd done! it was a tiny bit, but I was fine lol) it gets easier. I look forward to eating other foods one day, but eating them is not worth going back to how I was. I look good!

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