How do you keep people motivated during this xmas period


Need help
Hi Guys,:)

Just wondering how you all will keep yourselves motivated this christmas. What do people need, to be kept motivated as the tempations will be in your face.

Everyone on the diet will have a big challenge ahead of them and I want to be one step ahead of them as I dont want anyone to fall off the wagon and not be able to get back on.

Mine and your responsibilitiy is to help people through this hard time. so help me help you. Await for your feedback as we will all learn and motivate each other from our comments. :)

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Well in my OWN case, I'm not going to FALL off the wagon at Christmas - I'm going to JUMP off. Sorry - but I fully intend to forget all about the diet over the festive period and get back to it in January.... but then I'm getting towards the end of my journey: I've been on CD for nearly 8 months and so have had to stay motivated over numerous other occasions all through the year - I'm ready for a break!

But for those nearer the beginning of their journey, I'd advise differently. I started CD at the end of March and almost straight away had Easter to contend with ... I didn't want to stumble at the first fence so I just had to grit my teeth and be so absolutely bloody-minded about the whole thing. I didn't sit with the family whilst they ate their roast dinner (although I cooked and served it), I sat in the lounge with a cup of coffee and a bar, enjoying the tranquility! We went to the fair later and I just pig-headedly refused to let a lick of an ice-cream pass my lips - and then there was the family BBQ later that day .... I took a soup with me. As for the choccie eggs - I had to just wear blinkers and make sure they were kept wrapped and away from me.

I think it's probably harder at Christmas but the principle is the same I suppose ... if you want to succeed, then stare your demons in the face and defiantly say "Bring it on - I'm stronger than you are!!!" :)

There will be other Christmasses ... don't let this one trip you up.


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I am sticking with SS for Christmas. have discussed with my pharmacist having 2oz of turkey, ham and a few sprouts with the family.........but thats it..........have to shift this lard.
No one can do it but me. No one else cares if I eat dinner as long as they can and bottom line.............
I want to be smaller, thinner and healthier for next Christmas so I can shake my THANG !!!!!!!!

Its only one year.........if i didn't have very small kids I would go volunteer at the soup kitchen for the day.




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I've told all that come to me to be honest and realistic if they are going eat over the holidays. I will continue to support and encourage, all that intent to stick to SS.

Others I that intend to eat I have encourage some weeks ago to move up the step so they will be on 1000, 1200 or 1500+ over the holidays.

I remember many from Xmas 2004 and 2005 who have said they will only take 1 or 2 days off and have constantly struggled to get back on track.

I don't celebrate Xmas, but I remember the pressure of being around family, and the 2 week holiday can turn into 2 weeks of not-stop eating.