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how do you stay motivated during lower weight loss weeks

Hi everyone I'm in week3 lost 9lb in week1, 5lb in week2 but 4 days into week3 haven't lost anything and just want to give up and eat food!!

Have noticed other people have had slower weight loss of 1 or 2lb then for it to go up again, how did you stay motivated?
Also concerned that I'm not focusing on the bigger picture I mean I've lost 1 stone in 2weeks how fantastic is that(been trying to lose weight since New Year but only managed 8lb in 4 months) but more bothered by not having lost any this week so far.
Any advice/help much appreciated
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I'm interested in answers to that too al, cos that must be difficult.
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I come on here al. Its the best motivation going and also for support - if you see in my signature I have had some really up and down weeks - sometimes due to blips and others due to TOTM but I have to keep remembering that small losses are generally followed by large ones!
You have done fantastically well to lose a stone in 2 weeks and that would have take alot longer on conventional diets
Keep up the good work and keep on here



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I have noticed that Jess , small loses are followed by a big loss the week after , for most of us anyway
hi its just the most bizzare thing, found the first week or so really good as by not having normal food it's helping me realise where and when I overeat (the usual picking at kids left over, snacks that I forget I've had)whilst the weight was coming off at about 1lb a day it was easy to stay focused but now I am bored and not losing any weight isn't helping


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Al1 I know what you mean I am in week 9 and this week I only lost 2lb, ok ok ok I can hear everyone shouting at me, but I want more. in those 9 weeks I have lost nearly 2 1/2stone and today when I was ready to give in and eat, my OH said dont give up you have never done a diet like this where you have lost so much so quickly he then took me out and bought me a new blouse 2 sizes smaller than i would normally buy, that did the trick
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Hi Al
I am on week 3 of CD and my 2nd weigh in i stayed the same, i was a bit gutted to say the least, but thought if i just went and ate food would feel more gutted to put on any of the 13lbs i lost in week one.

So here i am on a friday night with my bottle of water staying strong and looking forward to my next weigh in...i've been told even if you don't lose lbs you could still be losing inches so i keep that in the forefront of my mind too.

Keep up the great work x x x


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Just wanted to say hang in there.. Your doing so well..........

I have left my losses open so people can see them, weekly as I know others get disheartened when they lose "only 2 pounds" to me 2 pounds is a great loss.. but I know some people expect more which is fair enough.. If you look at my losses sometimes I lost 2 pounds but then it usually follows with a larger amount..

I have only ever been 100% on ss and Im now on ss+ so there was nothing else I could do to lose more so I think our body sometimes works in different ways and its beyond our control....

Good luck hon and stay motivated your doing fab and you will see those stones dropping off...

21/2 stone is amazing! Well done. Its comforting to know other people are going through the same thing. Doing this whilst my husband is working away and not distracting me with wine and fahitas!!The idea is when he comes home in 2 months cd will be such a habit I dont revert back to my ld eating habits
Hi Al1, bare with me this is the first time I've ever used a forum. Without sounding selfish I'm kind of glad someone is feeling the same as me...I thought I was on my own! I've been doing this a month today! No cheating what so ever really proud of myself. I weighed 14. 1 to begin with I'm 23 it was getting out of control! I lost 8 pounds in the first week, 3 second, 5 third and 1 this week! It's great i'm losing and not gaining but it does dishearten you after all the hard work you've put yourself through! I just keep thinking only 2 months then a meal and imagine what it's will be like to walk in the sun without covering myself up! I'll finally get a tan! Keep imagining how great your going to feel when you've succeeded DONT GIVE UP you've come this far xx :p


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Ive had 2lbs for the past 2 weeks and yes it can be a bit dishartening, but when i feel gutted, i think about how heavy 2lb is (2 blocks of lard, bag of sugar) and its still fat that has left your body. Also, you are only restricting your food intake and achieving 2lb loss....how gutted would you be on WW and have been an angel all week sticking to points and exercising like a mad woman to loose 1lb!!!! dont get down about it, 1 stone a month aim will be made up of little 2lbs along the way.

Serena A

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don't think its selfish of you at all, its always comforting to know other peolpe are going through the same thing

Weekends are always worse cause I have to cook for the kids and resist left overs, keep telling myself I've done 2 already can do another!!


Strong women stay slim
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Just read that by KD , very good !
got to print that off peeps
Thanks guys, Yes I deffinately agree with you about the WW and when you look at it like that (2 blocks of lard or bag of sugar) lol that certainly means less for me to carry around! I just can't wait to buy a new wardrobe...think of all the new clothes we can buy it's going to be fab! I'm lucky my mum does the cooking so I can avoid it :( mines more staying in when my friends are out drinking and missing out on the fun, at least we're going to have healthy livers hehe. Nevermind will all be worth it in the end! x
being new to this site I have to say Thanks for all the responses and I'm also v impressed at how people are managing to reply to different threads at the same time, the last hour has flown by, considering I've spent it reading and writing about CD not falt like cheating once!!
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thats fantastic news - you will be living on here now like us!!!;);)

but if it stops you thinking about food or nibbling there is always someone on here willing to help!


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I live on here! I actually need to pull myself away and read a book or watch some TV or something! I can't though, I'm addicted; this is my new food!


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Im the same hon.. I spend my evenings on here.. lol..
its fab though its got me through to my 101th day .. lol x

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