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how do you take your packs!

First of all Wobbly, best of luck with your restart! I have my packs at 1pm (shake) 6pm (soup with family) and 9pm (shake or bar when kiddies are gone to bed). I know it means I dont have a breakfast one but I figure if I get through the morning, then there is always something to look forward to.


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I usually eat my bar in pieces throughout the day at work, starting anything from 9 to about 11.30. Then I have 1/2 pack of soup at lunch. I then have half a soup pack at tea, followed by a mousse from 1/2 pack or a shake a bit later on. THe other 1/2 pack I have either at work or at night depending on how much I feel the need for food! I always split the soups up as like them weaker, and have about 250ml water in each half. The shakes I sometimes have half, other times have a whole one in a go.


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One of my problems has always been snacking at night. I used to save some of my bar each day for the evening, but wanted to get out of that habit - I hope then if I get used to not having sweet stuff after tea then I wont feel I need to when I go back to eating (fingers crossed!!)
All depends where I am and what I'm doing. Usually shake at 10.30ish, bar at 1.30-2.30 and then tetra ice cream when the kids are in bed, time fluctuates depending on when I remember to put it in the freezer!
1st shake at 1pm, 2nd shake round 6pm & i then have half a bar about 9.15pm & the 2nd half of the bar around 10.15 with a cup of coffee.


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I am so glad i have four a day, just could'nt imagine having nothing till the afternoon. My times are 9.30am 1.30pm.6.00pm and 9.00pm and i am totally satisfied with that.
This is why I bl**dy love SS+! I usually have shake for breakfast about 9am, soup for lunch about 1pm, then my little meal at 5-6pm, and then usually a tetra or another shake made up with mix a mousse at about 9-10pm. I don't think I could last either not having breakfast, or not having something at night!

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I am strange as I have my 3 packs in the evening. One at about 6pm, then mousse at about 7.30pm and then bar at about 9pm. I find this is the best for me as I find the evenings hard but am busy all day and don't get hungry.
I have one either before or after I drop the children to school so somewhere between 8 and 9.30am, I have my next at about 1.30 after I've given the children their lunch, then I have my evening one at 6.30, once I've got my youngest to bed - I need a treat by then:D

But then again, I'm not an evening nibbler, I'm more of a 'miss breakfast and nibble all day' type person, so it does me good to have my shake early - even if it's just a tetra whilst sitting in the car outside school:rolleyes:

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