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How long before your weightloss was noticeable?

I think people noticed once I had lost just over a stone. Wether it was because my body shape had changed, or just the change in me as a person I am not sure. Now I have lost over two and a half stone, lots of people are noticing especially those I haven't seen in a while.

It's a great feeling when someone compliments you, it really spurs you on.

Charls x
People started noticing when I lost a stone, now its really noticeable! - I love seeing people I dont see regularly as they REALLY notice! x
I think it depends how much you have to loose in the first place,if someone doesn't know you are dieting they may look at you and think you look a bit different but can't put their finger on whats different if you know what I mean lol. x
Yeah - and they go 'oh, arent you looking well!' cos they dont wanna ask if you've lost weight incase you havent! xxx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i noticed a small difference, health-wise, after half a stone. but it's taken a 2 stone loss to notice physical changes to the shape of my body. however, i do have at least 8 stone to shift.
Ive lost 1 stone and people are starting to comment now but only occasionally. looking at my before photos though there is a huge difference

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