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How many dress sizes have you lost so far?


wannabe yummy mummy
In 3 weeks I've gone down 1 dress size :D How many dress sizes have you gone down and how long as it taken?

I'm chief bridesmaid in October and the bride keeps asking me what size dress to get, I know I can't put it off forever but I am so reluctant to say a size. I have 7 stone til goal and I'm currently a size 22. Do you reckon 16 might be a safe bet? :confused::fingerscrossed:
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Well done!

I started off on Jan 4th at 16st 6lbs and was a 22-24. I am now 11st 13lbs and a 12-14.

I am also being a chief bridesmaid in October! We had our dress choosing at beginning of April, and I was a 16 then and said I wanted to be a 12. They have ordered me in a size 16, as apparently the dresses come up very small. The dress I tried on was a 22 and she said the 20 would have been best for me then! (I was mortified). I don't think they came up small on the other 2 skinny bridesmaids, it was not the best day of my life!!

I am secretly hoping when we go for the next fitting, that my dress will be too big so I can say ner to them all, haha!

Good luck :) xx


wannabe yummy mummy
Argh that's left me even more confused! The worst thing is she's ordering them from America so we can't even have fittings lol.
Hope you get to say "ner" ;)


Cambridge Consultant
I have been on cd for 13 weeks and lost over 3 stone..
I was an 18 on the bottom and 16 on the top..
I am now a 14 on the bottom and 10-12 on top .
Hope that helps a little.. x


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I lost one dress size in three weeks as well, and that was doing two weeks on SS and one week on SS+.

I have 9 weeks till my bridal fitting and have another two dress sizes to go lose if I want to fit in to the dress I bought, otherwise they are going to have to panel me up like an old house so I fit in to it.

Feeling more motivated than ever though so hopefully it won't be too tight a squeeze.


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It's really really hard to know what you'll be - your whole body will change in ways you never dreamed of! :eek:

I started in mid-Feb when I was a size 18/20, and I'm now a size 12/14 - I never dreamt I could ever be a size 12 'cos I never was before! :eek: (It gets weirder - wait till your glasses and shoes start falling off too! :D)


wannabe yummy mummy
Curly you've done so well :)
Fenix, good luck with the dress fitting - I'm not even going to attempt to shop for my wedding dress til I've maintained for a few months (watch me go and get pregnant or something :rolleyes:)
Wow Jaycey you're doing fab! I live in flip flops through the summer so no danger of them falling off lol.
I think if she orders the 16 and it's too small :( then I'll have to go out the week before and get one off the peg (I don't think it'll matter too much if I'm not in exactly the same dress as the other 2 bridesmaids:confused:)
I started CD on March 27th and I was a size 18 or 20, top and bottom, I have lost 2 stone and can now fit into a large 12, small 14 bottom and a 14 top, so I would think by October you would definately fit into a 16, especially if you stick to CD 100%.,...


wannabe yummy mummy
Fab losses greeneyes.
I really hope the 16 fits (the bride is saying "it's OK we can get it taken in." Bless her it's no wonder she's my best friend :D)


can see the end in sight!
i started 4 months ago and have lost a little over 4 and a half stone.

I started out a 22 on bottom and a 20/22 on top, am now a 16 all over some trousers are a little tight but pretty much a 16.

i have 2 and a half stone to get to a minimum of 14 bottom and 12 top. i am a very hippy girl so a 14 is more sensible for me rather than aiming for a 10 and being disapointed!


wannabe yummy mummy
I'm 278lbs and a 22 at the moment so maybe a 16 in 5 months in doable :eek:
Good for you wanting to keep your curves eyeontheprize :) My family are all cursed (blessed?) with hips and boobs (my aunty is a size 0 and has takes a C cup bra!) so I don't think I'm ever gonna be a stick insect either :rolleyes:


can see the end in sight!
aww thank you! i would love to be petite and really slim but it's not in my genes unfortunately! i think curves on a woman are very attractive, just not as many curves as i had before!

you will defo be a 16 in 5 months time!


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I started on the 5th of Jan at 300lbs and a size 24/26 and I'm now 238lbs and a size 18/20 top and a 20/22 bottom currently wearing a Dorothy Perkins T-shirt size 20 and its way loose and a pair of Trader jeans from Debenhams in a size 20 that fit perfectly but it does depend on the cut of some things and what shop they are from :)


Strong women stay slim
I think 16 is about right , I'd go with that


wannabe yummy mummy
Wow your loss is fab exp107 :D
Well done Kelsocool :)
I chickened out and told her to get the 18 (but I have a sneaky feeling she's gonna get the 16 anyway :rolleyes:)


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Do you have a picture of the dress? What colour will you be wearing?! Mine will be Emerald Green..

If it is too big, they'll be able to take it in, don't panic :) xx


I've went from a size 20 to a size 14.

I have lost 3 stones and 3lbs.
Hey Everyone
I have a question to ask similar to this, is it true that you drop a dress size for every stone you loose? (I know everyone is different) I have a short term goal in mind for June as going to a festival wanted to be in a size 16! I am bordering on a 18/20 at the moment?
Sorry if a really daft question! x


can see the end in sight!
lucky lexie!! Jealous :)

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