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How many eggs??


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No, they used to say to have no more than 10 eggs a week but recent medical research shows no links between eggs and high cholesterol so you can now have as many as you want. Some people say that if they eat too many eggs it can bung them up though.


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TY :)


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I had two fried eggs on bread for breakfast, one boiled with some grated cheese at lunch and another two on bread with two meatfree burgers (1/2 a syn each) for dinner.

That's just what I fancied today. Eggfest!

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i cannot eat that much eggs lol id love to but they do not agree with me at all lol


Nojo on the YoYo
Eggs only really make me trumpy on a green day. I had a red day today, had chicken with my boiled egg at lunchtime.

If I have egg SW chips and mushy peas though, I DO lose friends, haha!

Wee Doll

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i cant make nice sw chips they just dont taste good to me at all lol

i make wedges and cover them in paprika and garlic instead :D they are lovely
I love eggs in any way shape or form. I must get through quite a few a week and used to worry about the cholesterol, but have read somewhere that they were blamed quite wrongly for that.
Im so glad because now i can have guilt free eggs:)


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I have been craving a fried egg on white bread with butter all day.... but I generally don't eat eggs at all unless it's egg mayo or scrambled! I must have about 6 eggs a month!


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The BHF recommend 5 -7 a week, but if you like eggs and your family don't mind the smell then hey ho..enjoy :p
Not any more. I work in cardiology and I was surprise to read that they were saying this. I've checked and this is from their website.

I've heard that eating too many eggs can raise your cholesterol - how many can I eat?

The recommendation on how many eggs you can eat has changed over the years and is a common source of confusion. In the past we recommended a restriction on eggs because we thought that foods high in cholesterol (including liver, kidneys and shellfish, as well as eggs) could have an impact on cholesterol levels.
However, as research in this area has developed so has our understanding of how foods that contain cholesterol affect people’s heart health. This means we have changed our recommendation and there is currently no limit on the number of eggs that can be eaten in a week.
For most people, the amount of saturated fat they eat has much more of an impact on their cholesterol than eating foods that contain cholesterol, like eggs and shellfish. So, if you like eggs, they can be included as part of a balanced and varied diet.
I have 2-3 eggs every morning at work for my breakfast.
Just beat them up and add some quark & a wee bit fo salt and microwave it for 1.5 minutes and stir. Fills me up until lunchtime.
Not as great as scrambled eggs made on the hob, but it does me :D
I cant stand cereal so eggs it is!!


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They need to update their literature then before sending it out to my patients :eek: surely there shouldn't be a difference for someone who has had a cardiac event and someone who hasn't if there's no supporting evidence about cholesterol? xx
I'm sure they will have a rolling review programme for all their information leaflets but they would unlikely to expend the time and money in an update on the basis of a single change in evidence. If that were the case they would be continually updating all their leaflets, which would be unsustainable. When that particular leaflet is up for review I'm sure they will change it to reflect what is on the website.
I love eggs too in anyway shape or form, but i was having alot a week and the weight loss slowed down so i spoke to my SW lady and she asked how many i was having and i told her, she said you really should stick to around 8 a week :( I told her im known to have 4 in one omelette so she told me off :) xx


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I dont know that im allergic to eggs but my digestive system doesnt tolerate them well any more, which is a shame cos i love em, i just dont have them very often because the stomach cramps are off putting :(

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