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How many of us just wear black? (photos)

I was doing my washing and ironing yesterday and item after item was black black or dark navy!
Well today I brought out my legs! Yesterday, I wore a sun dress for the first time in about 15 yrs and today I decided that I can do colour!!

I know I have a way to go... still 26lb but I am loving wearing colour for the first time in ages!!

Have added a before pic for comparrision :)
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Looking great hon!!! Look at the difference!! wooooooooh go girl!!
My wardrobe used to consist of black all the way but have added colour too recently although I am wearing black today!
Well done you........ xxxx


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Hey Tilly,
You look nice and colourful:) You've lost so much weight, you really should be proud of yourself. I know, I have quite a lot of dark coloured clothes, but I can't wait until my wardrobe is filled with different colours. Start wearing more colour Tilly! Red really suits you :) xxx

Ria C

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Wow you look great...yes I agree colour does suit you! xx
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I got my legs out yesterday and now I am laying here in agony because I buned them to a crisp whilst out on the boat yesterday. I have burned them so bad they ahave blistered. So not everything about CD is brilliant LOL LOL LOL


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What a difference and yes agree with you I was like that with the dark colours but they are all gone now and replaced with lots of bright colours as shopped until I dropped at the weekend for my hols....................well done you look great..........Sandy.x


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I used to wear black all the time, still do on 'fat' days sometimes, got a long way to go before I feel really confident, but its amazing how so many of us tried to hide ourselves or try to look slimmer by wearing only black, I do love it though!


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you look amazing hun :D and i still only really wear black but thats cos i prefer black....make sense? im not hiding behind it as such i just prefer it, some of my mates keep promising to take me shoppin as i wouldnt really have a clue now what colours to go for haha
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JWow you look stunning in that dress Tilly, the colours really suit you.... and yes I always wore black, am today actually, but I have added colours to my wardrobe too, at 11 stone I treated myself to a billabong hoodie and it is a kind of yellow and mustard colour, the family kept staring at me and when I asked why, they replied that they werent used to seeing me in anything but black... lol


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Wow - great pics, you look wonderful and what a difference! My black wardrobe is gradually being reduced - think I thought black made me look slim.....NOT! Am loving wearing bright colours now.
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Miss Tilly!! Wow! I can't believe how great you look & how much you've achieved! As far as wearing colour, it suits you brilliantly. I prefer to wear darker colours, even as i've dieting and losing the weight. But every once in a while, i'll see something on the rack and think: "oooh that's gorgeous, i could wear that". and almost everytime, i feel a bit silly at first, wearing colour i mean. but i'm getting better at it.

And as far as wearing dresses...ok now that's something i haven't done in ages (until recently...and it's definitely down to being massive in size in the past). And i've even bought a new sundress and wore it out in public! :eek: without a jacket or shrug sorta thing to hide my massive arms, as well. (they are still massive, but i felt ok about it).

oh, and it was all black. no pattern. again, i've yet to branch out into total colour just yet. thanks for posting the photos, chickie! totally motivational. ;)


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you look amazing hun!!!!! Love the dress and it really suits you!

I dont have a lot of black in my wardrobe now....more for t-shirts rather than anything else! Why should i wear something to make me look slim when i feel so much better now than i ever have!
I now wear colours i LIKE rather than worrying about if i look fat! Screw what random people think hun.....if your happy with your reflection then that is all that matters now!
You are doing super...BIN THE BLACK!!!! lol


Julie Williams

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You look great in that dress my dear cant believe the difference woo hoo!!! Im the same as all of you but finding the more weight I lose the more adventurous im getting watch this space eh xxx


Shrinky Pinky!
Colour looks good on you - and probably on me too... but I keep on wearing black because I'm an old Goth! Wore black everything since the age of 12, through thin teen into larger twentysomething into larger still into Buxom Wench and now as I shrink back down to Slimmy Thing!

I do like to surprise people by wearing brightly coloured lippy (Pink!)... and that's about it!

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