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How many points is a Mini Magnum??

it's 5pp for the classic, almond and white. However, it's only 7pp for the classic full size magnum, 8pp for the full size almond and 7 for the full size white! Magnum temptation chocolate is 6pp! And temptation caramel & almond is 7pp, like magnum equador and magnum mint! The highest seems to be magnum double caramel, for 10pp!

so in the end of the day... if a full size magnum classic is 7pp, why should we get the mini one for 5? :O
Because I was raiding my mums freezer (I don't buy stuff that'll tempt me) and Im all out of sugar free jelly, silly mum buying minis!!!

Thanks for ur help hun!

Another quickie - i am a gold member; do u know if goldies get free esource? I havent ever used it but hear its a god send and think it may help me get my head round PP. Is it easy to use? I can't even seem to find my way round the site to find a brick wall that tells me I have to sign up!! I did have a monthly pass before i reached goal and had a nose then but never actually used it...
no, unfortunately even goldies pay for esource, I'm a goldie too and spend £15 every 3 months :) t's not too bad after all! The esource is brilliant, I love it. I love especially the recipe builder where you can see how many points what you cook would become :) and I couldn't live without my tracker online, in fact last time I put the weight back on because I had no internet access for months (Tiscali's fault :()
oh dear! I found having a book helped helped me cos I wanted to complete the book, and if I missed a page I made it out of sync and "messy" lol! I think i will try esource. I wanted to loose a bit more, but on discover I reached goal and most I can shift whatever i do is half a pound but i heard a lot of leaders who have maintained for yrs have lost 6lb or so!

Sorry Starlight - thanks
well done for reaching goal! I can see that you're in Essex: where about? I'm in Stortford, just a little bit off Essex (it's in Herts, but as soon as you get out of it you're in Essex, which I find funny!)
Oh wow - I am nr Colchester! Right in Essex (north essex).
I live nr the sea!!
And thx for the congrats!!

Re the esource - do u have to pay a reg. fee?
at the moment they have an offer for 3 months at 38.80 including the sign up fee! After that it's £15 every 3 months :)
PS: if you come to Stortford or Harlow one of these days let me know, we can meet! :)
yes ask your leader she will be even too happy to give you a code! I hadn't thought of that!