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  1. pink-sarah

    pink-sarah Well-Known Member

    im back! been hovering for the last week or so what with my friend dying, ive not really felt up to posting, but i have been reading..

    theres over 3000 posts for me to go through..

    anyway, my councillor didnt turn up yet again, and i called cd headquaters and they gave me the name of a lovley lady who i see on monday, shes even been out to see me at home to give me the re-assurance she's going to help and that i can go and see her at her house on it looks like im getting sumwhere AT LAST! ive put on 2lb in the last week or so so its not THAT bad. ive gone for walks and not reached for the food tin..

    its my friends funeral on saturday so its going to be a sad day for everyone, but she made sure every1 knew NO BLACK, lots of pink though, but thats her all over....

    i just want to say THANK YOU every 1 for your kind words, they meant so much to me.

    big welcome to all the newbies and good luck. good luck to every 1, and keep sticking to it..

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  3. eatlessweighless

    eatlessweighless Well-Known Member

    Nice to 'see' you back, and glad you are getting the support of a lovely CDC at last.

    Hope it all goes OK for the funeral, thinking of you at this difficult time.

    Theresa x
  4. doubledumplings

    doubledumplings Well-Known Member

    so sorry to hear about ur friend and hope all goes well on saturday. So pleased to hear that u got sorted witha new cdc and i hope everything goes well on monday just remember u made the hardest step by getting back on the wagon sending loads of hugs :grouphugg::hug99::hug99: ashley xx
  5. Sarette

    Sarette Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope the funeral goes as well as can be expected.

    Great to hear you have found a new CDC, sounds like she will be fab! xx

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