how many syns in these yoghurts?


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Found some yummy looking yoghurts today and am wondering if they are free. It is hard to find free flavoured yoghurts here.

If someone wouldn't mind checking them on the syn calculator for me, with selecting a free food (yoghurt) I would be grateful.

Here is the nutritional info:

each yoghurt is 100g

calories: 35
fat: 0g
sat fat: 0g
carbs: 5g
of which sugar: 4
fibre: 0g
protein: 4g

thanks :)
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I make it 2 syns. Seems a lot but I've done it twice. Mind you if you put in the info for muller lights which SW say are free it comes up as 5! Don't know if this will help.


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I don't think you have included the free food allowance for the fat free yoghurt. If you add this atthe start then the syns should be lower - Mullerlights come out free when you include this.


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yeah I wouldn't of thought they are 2 syns, as I have had ones before which are 2.5 syns and the nutritional info is far higher, less protein etc.

I am presuming like circes said, that a free food wasn't selected?

If they have got syns, I would imagine it is no more than 1 syn a pot. (I hope they haven't). But then I dont have more than one yoghurt a day, so am not too fussed if they have got some syns. Just curious if they are free, so I can add them to the overseas list. :)