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how many syns?


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we all need a bit of fat in our diets. my consultant says to have at least 5 syns a day :) i usually av 10 if not less a day x


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You can have between 5 and 15 a day or count them over the course of a week if that suits you better (so 70 to 105 a week). You should definitely have at least 5 a day and I would recommend starting out at 15. Only cut back if it starts to affect your losses. Lots of people think that they will get bigger losses if they don't use their syns but this really isn't the case - you're only talking about 300 calories a day on your syns so not even enough to lose 1lb a week. In fact not having them means you're more likely to crave things and go off the wagon!


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i totally agree - I av choc spread in my cereal or on toast in morning as it takes of my sweet craving. I find if i dont have it im craving something sweet all day lol


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yea when I first started i was worried how much i was eating only to lose 4lbs and i was well chuffed :) i still eat meals now and think how the hell am i losing weight but it works so i aint moaning lol
right, im goin to treat myself then. i lost 2 pounds first week then 1 pound last week. Ive been filling up on meals but only having a few syns. think i can hear a creme egg calling!!! is it really ok to eat lots of free food. i had two plates of pasta last night!!x


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You can eat as much free food as you need to be satisfied. Just keep in mind to eat until full. So if that means 2 servings of pasta then do so!

With regards to syns - the other week I tried to keep syns at around 5 a day to boost my losses. I STS that week, with no explanation. Last week I pretty much had my full daily allowance of syns (it was a hard week!) and lost 2lbs. I'm not saying the more syns you have the more you lose, but supporting what Circes said in that few syns will not neccessarily result in big losses.

I've only had 4.5 syns today, deciding what else to have...:p

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