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How many women on here have PCOS?


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I was just wondering how many women on here have PCOS as I have saw a few posts mention it in the past few days. I got an official diagnosis in June but have suspected I have it for years.

Also wanted to ask has anyone noticed a reduction in symptoms as they lost weight?

Thanks in advance. :)
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Hiya, I have PCOS, I would say I've noticed a slight reduction in symptons. Definately losing weight helped me to concieve 2 years ago (I had been trying for three years) and I've just given birth again, so the weight loss did help, but my weight is back up again so I'm back on the 790 plan now (find SS to hard)

I've only lost 1 stone 9lb to far, so I'm hoping my symptons will get better as I lose my weight!

Would love to hear some other views on this?!

Take care



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Me too, I didn't have periods for years and years (don't know how I got my son!), but they're back, and regular, and bloody painful!

Mrs Roch

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Hi Ladies

I have PCOS and was diagnosed 7 years ago whilst trying to conceive my DS. A friend of a friend who also had it suggested I do Atkins which I did for about 4 months and lost just under 4 stone and then started herbal remedies and fell pregnant naturally within 7 months..

I'm on the pill so have a regular very very light period although being on CD has made me bleed halfway during the month for some reason... I don't really suffer with any PMS at TOTM but do suffer in the middle of the month - lots of mood swings..

I don't really suffer with spots or much excess hair (lovely symptoms..:(). I do crave carbs though terribly at times...:(

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I suffer from just about all the symptons :-( I do crave carbs as well, but seem to have it under control now, I honestly think that is why the 790 plan works better for me, as it has helped curb my cravings and stopped me picking so much! I still munch on the odd crab stick, but other than that I'm much better than I was :))

Take care

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I have PCOS and have all the symptoms, so far only been on CD for 6 days but have noticed that I am not craving CARBS which is good, I think breaking this dependency will definitely help me going forward.

Perhaps we should set up a PCOS thread on here?
I have two friends with PCOS who both have problems in losing weight - I have been telling them about CD and how good it is for their PCOS. They do recommend a low-carb diet for PCOS anyway so CD is the best choice.

Will have to direct them here!


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Thanks for the replies girls. I'd love to know if weightloss could help with the facial hair though I must say I have definately noticed an improvement since I started using Vaniqa cream (not to be used when ttc), it's reducing the amount. Has taken about 6 months because I don't use it regularly lol.

Have read more times that low carb or GI is best for pcos. Me being diabetic it certainly helps keep my sugar levels stable. I am better cutting out certain carbs because otherwise I just eat too much!

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Phew! Just saw Nigel Harman on your avatar thing! God he's gorgeous!! ;-)

Sorry he's completely put me off what I was going to say!!! ;-)

I was wondering too about the possibility of facial hair reducing with the weight as the issues seem to be related. It would be as nice as loosing the weight!
Me! Me! I do! I haven't lost enough weight to notice a difference in symptoms yet, but my doctor assures me it will help. I have hair everywhere so I'm hoping that will improve! :)
I haven't had any of my symptoms reduce, skin might be slightly better, but I've been looking after it better too.

Facial hair is still the same sadly :( going to give laser hair removal a go soon.
i have pcos and to be honest my symptoms havent changed even though ive lost over 7 stone, still hairy face, still v heavy periods that are just as irregular. also i have a symtpom of pcos that is getting more noticable as i get older which is losing hair the same way as a man so my forehead and each side is receading, hubby likes to support me though as says eventually ill end up like the monks in the karate films that have just a round ponytail at the back of their head lol

cdc norwich


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I hate to say this, but the facial hair won't diminish when you lose weight. Once one of those pesky hair follicles has set up camp on your chin/neck, etc., it's there to stay, unless you get it zapped by electrolysis or laser. Though on the upside, once you've lost the weight, new ones hopefully won't form so readily.

I've never had PCOS officially diagnosed, but do suspect I have it--I've certainly had problems with facial hair (and not just facial hair,sigh) and other period/weight problems that certainly fit the diagnosis. Luckily I didn't have trouble conceiving my DS, largely, I suspect to the fact I'd just come off the pill when we started trying.

I think the reason a low carb diet is recommended for PCOS is something to do with the link with insulin resistance. Some folks find their symptoms improve when taking metformin, which is actually a drug for use in diabetes. But on low carb, you aren't producing so much insulin anyway, and you don't get the highs and lows of insulin you'd get when eating an ordinary carb-laden diet.

It's all fascinating stuff... When I did Atkins a couple of years ago, my periods became more regular than they'd ever been--and for some reason, they've stayed that way.


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I have PCOS too, wouldn't say I've noticed any difference. I was diagnosed about 7 years ago, and told to lose weight which was very difficult I would lose about a stone and that was it! Until CD...



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I know this thread hasn't been posted in for a while but was wondering if anyone with pcos has had laser therapy for hair removal and what you thought of it etc? I've been thinking about it for months but keep putting it off lol.


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I have had facial hair for a fews years and still pushing for PCOS diagnosis. I have had the laser treatment on my bikini line and on my belly button downwards! It was ok to start with, completed the course of treatments but over the last year or so it's all grown back! It's not as thick but it's still there! It is very expensive to, i paid about £350 for 6 treatments.

The hairs i have on my face are coarse white/grey ones and laser treatment doesn't work on hair without pigment!


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I have PCOS too, and hate my hairy face :(

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