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How Much And How Often


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Do you think it matters how often you have a pack, like the time between each one?

I've been finding that my first shake I'm not having until 2-4pm I don't feel like I need it before. Then I have my next shake between 7-8pm and then I have a bar around 9pm. Do you think I'm having them too late? Or they're not spaced enough? Or does it not really matter?

Also, is there a limit to the amount of water you should use to make the shakes with? I started having the 300mls then started adding a bit more to make them go a little further, I have my shakes hot and I enjoy like that. I've been having 600mls ish of water in the shake....do you think I'm having way too much? They still taste nice and they last me much longer :)
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I think as long as you're consuming 3 packs within each 24 hour period, it probably doesn't matter too much in terms of when you have the pack. The whole point of being in ketosis is the benefit of not feeling hungry all the time, therefore whenever I have felt hungry I've taken it as a good hint that I am actually hungry and so had one of my three a day.

I'm finding I wake up hungry (have always been a breakfast person), then I pretty much forget about needing food until the late afternoon. Then, at some point after 8pm my stomach prods me again and I have the last pack.

As for the water thing - the only people who can give you a definitive answer would be Exante themselves, but I'm pretty sure that, given they're so specific about other things like the AAM and how much water to drink, if you were doing something dreadfully wrong by putting in more than 300mls they'd have said as much in their FAQ. If 600mls is working for you, keep at it. Might try it myself, infact...
From the Exante FAQ:

When should I take the products?
Each meal replacement can be taken at the most convenient time for you, but we would encourage you to time your meals in a way which enables you to develop new healthy eating habits that you can use into the future to manage your weight. You can view all our products online
That's interesting because I've been forcing myself to eat a pack for breakfast but then gins I want something to nibble on in the evening so if it doesn't really matter I'll save the brekkie one for later
I've started to make my shakes and soups with more water as well - much less 'gloupy' and seems to bring more flavour out strangely enough :)

I'm not a breakfast person so I've started to have half a bar for breakfast, shake for lunch and soup for tea with the rest of the bar later in the evening.
I can drink the choc with coffee and a sweetener in and have 1300 ml of water in it. I make it in a big jug and i drink it out of a huge tumbler. I also drink the vanilla with over a litre of water because it tastes like skimmed milk that way (to me). I think it helps me to get enough fluids by adding extra water to the shakes when im not feeling iv drank enough water. Iv got past the stage where I really care what they taste like. Just get them down. I try to space mine out. I have them when the kids/hubby are eating their meals. I sometimes split them in to 6 shakes and have 500ml in each, I normally only do this when I feel a boring day at home coming on and it keeps me from bring bored and wanting to pick. Hope you find what works for you but to be honest i cant answer your question because everyone has their own ways of doing it. Xx
I hadn't considered adding more water, I like them creamy...but I do struggle to get the 3 litres of water down aswell...maybe I will make them slightly more thinner and see how I go


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Thanks everyone...I thought I'd be ok with the amount of water I use, I just wanted to double check. I'm usually quite busy in the morning, as long as I've got my cups of tea I'm fine til much later on ;)
the 3 things u av to av in the day is that because u need them for diet to work or just so u get everythin u need.
If the vanilla tastes like skimmed milk when watered down do you think you could use it in tea? I really hate black tea
it gives tea a funny taste but try it and see if you like it. its lovely with coffee. i prefer it to milk :)

i make my shakes in a pint glass. i fill it almost to the top with water then add the powder and whisk using a hand whisk. then i add 2 ice cubes to it. when the ice gets small i eat it. lovely ;)
That's interesting because I've been forcing myself to eat a pack for breakfast but then gins I want something to nibble on in the evening so if it doesn't really matter I'll save the brekkie one for later
The reason breakfast is regarded as so important whether on a diet or not is that your body has been totally empty from late evening, perhaps, the night before. By the time morning rolls around that could mean a gap of 12 -15 hours! On such a restricted diet it might be better nutritionally, and also metabolically, to have the first pack of the day in the morning.

However consuming the three packs on any VLCD is the important part, along with the recommended water. I just wouldn't start too late in the day, for the sake of my metabolism if nothing else!


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I have semi skimmed milk in my tea :)
Don't like coffee but if I can get away with a bit of semi skimmed I might do that, I only have a couple of cups in the morning so hopefully won't have too much of an effect
see i no 600 kcals isnt going to make us gain weight but i would have thought that having one in the morning would kick start your matabolism. and would have thought that would increase your weightloss quicker. just like when they say people who skip breakfast hav less chance of loosing weight, and that you shouldnt eat after 7 as it will just sit on you. obviously i could be completely wrong lol xx


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The eating after a cetain time, is complete myth...well according to everything I've read anyway. I used to work nights and a mixture of evening shifts so my food was all over the place. I would go to work, and have my tea there which was always after 10.30pm, sometimes we'd get a chinese take out, other times it would be what was left over from the residents dinner (I worked in a care home) piles of carbs, sarnies, potato and cake etc...it wasn't the time I was eating it, it was what I was eating... chow meain, noodles, fried rice, prawn crackers etc etc that's what did it!

The eating in the morning to kick start that metabolism,is true, but I wondered if it would apply to Exante as it would if we were eating real food...I never ate breakfast anyway, only when I recently started to diet.

I wouldn't want to waste my first shake though by having it when I don't really need it..and I don't want to have 4 packs a day either :(

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