How much can a 27st female lose in 7weeks ssing?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by yasmine-samara, 30 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. yasmine-samara

    yasmine-samara Full Member

    Hi guys,

    I am writing this out of desperation really. I currently weigh 27st, I am very active in my daily life, I manage to get to the gym at least 4 times a week and I really do work hard, I try and get at least 8 pints of water down me ( up to 12 when I go the gym) and I am going to Florida in 7 weeks and want to make sure I can fit in the plane seat and not need to ask for a seat belt extension (oh.... the shame of it) so I would be greatful for some tips or advice from anyone who may be in the know or who has experienced a situation similar to mine. I know its not set in stone and everyone is diffrent but I am commiting to my 1st 7 weeks 100% and want to lose as much as is physically possible.
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  3. Gunna-make-it

    Gunna-make-it Full Member

    Awwww hun, try not to worry.. you have a few months to go..They say the average is 1 stone a month although the first month can be more due to the larger losses you have in the first couple of weeks. Just make sure that you stay motivated and stick to the diet for it to work for you... How are you finding it so far?
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  4. yasmine-samara

    yasmine-samara Full Member

    Thank you for you reply,

    I am feeling very positive right now and very tired. I have tried ( albeit half heartedly) many times before and never got past 1 whole week 100% so I determined to prove it to myself that I can and will do this. I am drinking plenty and trying not to think about it too much to be honest!!
  5. Bijoux

    Bijoux Fat Fighter

    You may lose 2-3st if you stick to it 100%. Depending on the types of exercise you are doing weight loss might be slowed down i.e. with toning you build muscle and that is an increase in weight despite the fact you are losing fat.
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  6. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member


    people with more to lose usually lose more on cd ss. i was nearly 21 stone and in my first week i lost 14lbs then sencond week 9lbs. You have a great incentive and i def think you could be down 3/ 3 and a half stone by then

    Becky xx
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  7. Huseyin

    Huseyin Silver Member

    Advice above is right, but its impossible to tell you will shift a lot I'm guessing 3 stones
  8. Champess

    Champess Skinny Soon ?!

    I started 3 weeks ago at 22 1/2 stone and have lost 2 stone 3lbs so far.
    I went to Australia a couple of years ago so I know what you mean about the seatbelt extension - I was down to about 17 stone by then and still needed one. Try not to worry the flight attendants are so used to it expecially on flights to the US, no one will bat an eyelid.

    Good luck - now you have an aim it should make you more foccused.

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  9. yasmine-samara

    yasmine-samara Full Member

    Thanks sooooo much,

    I hope I can follow in your footsteps. That is a tremendous amount to have lost in just 3 weeks........well done!!!!
    You must be so proud of yourself!!!
    Do you do any exercise? how much water do you drink and do you have any of the bars or water flavourings?
    I know it must sound like the spanish inquisition but I am desperate to know your secret!!!!

    Keep up the great work!!

  10. Champess

    Champess Skinny Soon ?!

    Thanks - no probs, ask what you like. I don't do any exercise, I drink around about 4 pints of water a day (more at weekends) plus coffee and red bush tea.
    I didn't have bars for the first two weeks but had 3 in the third week along with a little bit of water flavouring.

    Tend to have choc tetra for breakfast at work at about 9am. A soup for lunch then a porridge for tea. So far so good!
  11. Gunna-make-it

    Gunna-make-it Full Member

    I have only just started on the exercise too - you will find that in the first couple of weeks you will be too tired to do any and it can make you feel drained.. once you are through Ketosis you will be feeling a lot better and should be able to start some if you feel up to it but remember not to push yourself too much - best of luck x
  12. yasmine-samara

    yasmine-samara Full Member

    Thank you for your reply.
    What is red bush tea and where can you get it from?
    I have never heard of it!!!!
  13. yasmine-samara

    yasmine-samara Full Member

    Thanks hun.
    I have taken some time off uni to sort myself out as I have been feeling very depressed recently so at least if I work out at the gym and feel knackered I know I can come home and have a little kip to recharge my baterries!!!!
  14. jackie123

    jackie123 Member

    If its any help, a person who is using my CDC started of at 25st and lost 3st in 5wks.
    But of course we are all different etc.
    Good luck anyway x
  15. Chief Dragon

    Chief Dragon Member


    I like you have lots to loose and having been looking for another with the same problem - sorry! I have just started the CD 4 drinks plus 200 ml milk and am into my second week the problem is because I am housebound I can't get to be weighed for a month so I am wondering what I might loose. I am at least 3 stone heavier than you and keep looking for incentive from others. It looks like we should do well sticking to the diet though. Get your bikini ready,:sign0144:
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  16. Slimbride2009

    Slimbride2009 Full Member

    Hiya Redbush tea is a caffeine free tea that originates from South Africa, its supposed to be packed with lots of antioxidants. I drink several cups a day to supplement my water intake and I find it very refreshing. You can buy it anywhere, I think Tetley does redbush as well. I buy the TICK TOCK brand. Red bush tea is also known as rooibos tea. Here's a supermarket link for some info Ocado: Search Results for rooibos tea: Shop

    Good luck on your weight loss and have fun in Florida!
  17. chriBs3

    chriBs3 Full Member

    i reckon you'd lost at least 2 stone, probably more in 7 weeks

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