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How much do you pay for your meal packs?

Hi all, I am thinking of getting back on a diet. I tried LT a while ago, but I'm wondering how much does it cost in other VLCDs? and what flavours do you have?

LT was cheaper (£30 a week), don't know if the price has gone up lately or if they've added more flavours? But what about W8, LL and CD? Or any others there may be I don't know of?

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I know the price of CD can vary as the counsellors are independant; mine charges the same for ALL packs (some charge more for bars and tetras).

I pay £34.65 for 21 packs.


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Hi there, I am on CD and pay approx £35 a week, but it depends on what you eat (shakes/bars/soups)
lighter life is £66 a week for 28 packs- but this also includes the councilling! x
Thank you all for your answers, and thanks for that link Linda, the flavours of CD always sound yummy. The only thing I don't like about CD is that you need a counsellor. I understand the logic of it, but I hate the hassle of having to arrange to meet someone to get the stuff for your diet. Going to the chemist to get the LT sachets always seemed so much more convenient to me... what do you girls think of that?


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Some "counsellors" are just like shop keepers. They just sell you the stuff with no chit chat at all! Few and far between it seems but they do exist. Phone around and if one sounds a bit hostile and abrupt..they are the ones for you!
Hmm... that sounds tempting... but £140 in one go... why are good plans never without drawbacks? Anyone knows a 'hostile' CDC in the Midlands? Lol!
I read in another thread that LT has gone up to £36, is that for all LT chemists?? If so, I'd definetely go for CD, same price more flavours!
:eek: My lipotrim costs £44 a week and the male lipotrim is £50!
You buy your CD packs from a counsellor - but nobody can force you to be 'counselled'. Besides, in my own experience, it's more encouragement and advice (if you ask for it) than counselling as such. :)
How much are people in Ireland paying? I'm paying €65 a week?
There seems to be a big difference in costs - where do you buy yours from Foreverhope? :)
I pay 67 in Dublin, it has recently increased from 65. It's about as much as they could charge without being absolutely ridiculous. It's ok when it's nearly all you're buying though...
£48 for 1 weeks, 14 packs. Started 3 weeks go it was £40 then . I smell a rat!
Mine is still 65 in dublin, well it was on thursday anyway. I'm actually saving money on it though!!! No more food shops, take aways or drink!
I pay £36 a week - which is definitely less than I pay on 'normal' food. A sandwich and a coke every lunch at work was £5 so that is £25 before I factor in breakfast, evening meals, snacks, drinks, takeaways, nights out, popcorn at the cinema, hot dog on a Sunday morning if we went to a car boot etc. Shame I still seem to be doing the food shop for my boyfriend though so I still have other food bills - even if they aren't mine!

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