How Much Do You Weigh and What Dress Size Are You?

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by JennyL, 29 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Yes I'm nosy!

    height - 5'6
    weight - 14.1st
    dress size - 20 bottom 18 top
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  3. VerdePurdy

    VerdePurdy Full Member

    I'm 5'5"
    22st2lbs (10lbs lost so far)
    Size 24 top, size 26 bottom
  4. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    Im around 18st and an 18-20 bottoms and a 18 top x

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  5. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    5'8", 11st 12lbs (down from 21st 7lbs), size 14/16. Apple shape!! :) xx
  6. steff79

    steff79 Silver Member

    5ft 2 was 10st 8 a tight size 12 if a size 12 didn't fit I wouldn't get the next size up.. now 7st 10 and a size 6 trying hard to maintain and not drop lower obviously!! :eek:
  7. Autumn500

    Autumn500 Silver Member

    5ft 7,11 st 3.75 and approx size 10 bottom, sometimes 12, and a ten on top
  8. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    5,7 wearing a size 18 (was a 26) currently13 stone 4 :)

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  9. ejd

    ejd Full Member

    I'm 5'2, 11st 4 and a tight 12. Prob a comfortable 14 if i'm honest but i'm determined not to have to buy that size lol
  10. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    5"4 11st 5 and a size 12 top but bottom I am in between a 14 and a 16.
  11. BlodynAur

    BlodynAur Full Member

    5"5, 16st7lbs and a size 18ish, sometimes a 16!
  12. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Hi - uuuum it depends on the make!!

    I'm 5' 2" - currently at 11st 12.5lbs - usually in a size 14 top and 16 bottom - pear shape!

    BUT ... STOP PRESS - I can now get into an Asda size 12 top AND my size 14 M&S stretch jeans - not a pretty sight but got in eh?! Yes I know these shops have generous sizes!!
  13. honeybee40

    honeybee40 Silver Member

    Im 5 foot 3.5inches
    I weighed 22 stone
    size top= 28
    Size bottom= 26

    I now weigh=14 stone 10.5 lbs
    Size top= 18
    Size bottom=16/18

    Hoping to get to 9 stone :)
  14. smurfette84

    smurfette84 Silver Member

    I'm 4ft 11in and currently 11st 7lb x I'm a 14 on top and bottom xx would like to be still curvy so I'm aiming for 9st to 9st 12lb as my target which will make me a size 10-12 x my hubby loves curvy women so I'm happy at that target when I get to it hehe xx
  15. Clanger72

    Clanger72 Silver Member

    I'm 5'2 and currently weigh 9st 13. I tend to fluctuate between a size 10-12 depending on which shop I buy from!
  16. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    I'm 5'4" and weigh 23st 10lbs. Size 28 on bottom and 28/30 on top.

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  17. Binni

    Binni Full Member

    I'm 5'06" weigh 10st 2lb (10lb loss so far)
    10-12top 12-14bottom
    Aiming for weight of 8st7lb
  18. margaret76

    margaret76 Full Member

    height 5ft 1 weight 16st 2lbs and size 20/22
  19. LJ22

    LJ22 Silver Member

    At 14st 12.5lb I had just started buying size 24.
  20. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    but you're too modest to say how much you've lost - and how quickly you'll be in much smaller sizes and slinky styles!!
  21. size12wannabe

    size12wannabe Member

    Height 5'1
    Weight 15 st 6lb
    size 20 but can be less depending on brand.

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