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How much FREE FOOD?

Hi, I may have posted something similar to this recently but I could do with people's opinions. When I joined a week and a half ago and on the website, it says you can eat as much free food as you like, at any time. It says let your appetite be the guide.

Well surely for fat people, judging their appetite has obviously been a problem so how can it be reliable?

When I read some of the menu's on here, they don't seem to be rammed with food, in fact they often seem quite light. Is this because people found that eating as much free food as they liked, slowed down their weight loss? If so then I feel more emphasis needs to be put on learning to listen to hunger and not desire.

I would be interested to know what people think and how they found the right balance in order to lose weight consistently.

Thanks in advance.

Juliet X
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This has caused some discussion recently, both on and off the boards.

My take on it (and just my thoughts) as much super-free food as you like, but with free food, particularly, potatoes, pasta and rice, replace the word like with the word need!

So you can have as much as you need rather than as much as you want or like. I don't care what anyone says, if you eat several pounds of spuds every day and mountains of pasta and rice I would understand a lack of weight loss;)
I think that's a very realistic answer and I appreciate it. I am going to make sure I have lots of superfree foods in and use those as snacks and make them the bulk of my meals. Thanks again.X
Yes that's right, it's still about being sensible in the amount you eat, with regards to the food diarys you've looked at being "light" there is an interesting bit on the SW website called the psychology of food optimising it will explain things to you very well, it's worth a look! Good luck. Xx
i think as long as you eat until you're full then you should be fine :) obviously, everyones different and carbs especially affect people differently but i often eat a huge bowl of pasta (3 or 4 times a week and much more than a "recommended" portion size) and im more than happy with the rate im losing, it just depends on the individual you have to figure out whats right for you :) xx
Thanks Emma-Louise I think you're right. My first week I put on a pound and a half which was ridiculous! It's not like I am a stranger to losing weight but I realise now I just ate too much. Hopefully I'll have a loss this week.
I try to make sure that most of the food on my plate is superspeed or superfree then it doesnt matter as much if you do over eat slightly!
Good avice Karen, thanks.
i think its a matter of trial and error to see how much pasta and bread etc that you can eat.

I really try to limit my carbs ... i dont eat as much potatoes i swapped them for butternut squash when im making wedges or chips

pasta wise i dont eat huge portions of it as it makes me very bloated.

i do however try to eat as many super speed foods as possible per day. i try to manage 10 some recent days i havnt been getting 10 .. more due to the lack of planning and none in the fridge or cupboards lol

i found that with eating 10 of them i had good losses ( previous journey)

when filling my plate i try to fill it with speed and super speed foods first
good luck

Thank you, when I was on WW I hardly ever ate potatoes, I used BNS instead so I could save points. I have gone off it a bit and loving the fact I can eat potatoes again. I realise though I just need to listen to my stomach and not my mouth.
I think with pasta and rice, make sure you eat the whole grain variety, rather than the white stuff. With white (normal) pasta and rice, I can a huuuuuge amount (like 300-400g or something stupid like that!) and be hungry again in about 2 hours! Grrrrr.... The wholegrain stuff genuinely keeps me fuller for longer! :)

Like other people have said, eat until it's enough! When I joined SW I thought the whole thing was silly, and was determined to prove SW wrong, and test it to it's limits, and amazingly I still lost. I don't know HOW it works, but it seems to somehow. lol. Just be sensible, and don't eat until you're full, just until you're not hungry any more. :) :)

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