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ARRGGGHHHH, I've had enough ,thats it,all day long , on and on, it never stops, I will have to blow it up . I just cant take any more..............

Blooming kids tv !!!:mad::mad:
Dora needs her map putting where the sun dont shine.
Fifi needs weedkiller on her head.
Thomas needs pulling off the track.
Stephanie in Lazytown should go home.
Them pets in Wonderpets should be on a dangerous animal list.
Diego should join the foreign legion.

What does my son do all through this crap??....SLEEP... now I know why.
I have never seen aload of junk in all my life.
Yet, the minute I pick the remote up and start searching through the channels ... whats he do?...wake up and start moaning AARRGGHH.
Roll on next week when he's back at school then I can get some serious tv -
Jeremy Kyle
Loose women LOL
no- seriously Loose women - ACE
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Is so very nearly there!
Iona could not give a flying **** about tv but my other DD, Molly could watch Disney Channel.. Hannah Montana, Suite Life Zack and Cody, Phineus and Ferb, Camp Rock, HSM... Oh the list goes on :/


Loose Women is cranky! x


Reached Target. woohoo
Sorry ladies the only one i recognised in your list was Thomas, my kids are 20 and 15 now so different kind of tv, music music and more music. Must admit though i prefered the kids tv so be careful what you wish for.:8855:


want to be me again ...
atleast you havnt had to sit through last of the summer wine till it comes out your ears all holiday !!!
thank goodness we are parent free again .......xx
My daughter is 10, she loves High School Musical, i don't mind it to be honest, took her to see number 3 and i think i enjoyed it more than her.

Her watching the same repeats of Hannah Montana over and over does my head in though!
Bring back Thundercats I say
YEY !!!
Thunder,Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats !!
ooh ooh ooh.. and HE-MAN master of the universe
and She ra... how old are we???

I did watch a video once titled....Parsley the Lion.... done me head in , all i kept singing for weeks was ...I'm a very friendly lion called Parsley:argh::argh:


Silver Member
My sons are 16 and 13.
Eldest is always on his laptop in his room and with music playing all the time.
Youngest is X box mad and on 'live' with his friends.
They even laughed at one of my Christmas presents - Jackie CD.:eek:
The thing that I have noticed lately is that they come to bed after mum.:eek:


Silver Member
I had fogotten about Top Gear!!!
Although over Christmas eldest did fall about laughing at Dad's Army.
OT - Anyone catch the Krypton Factor the other night - not quite as good as the original.


I ate my willpower!
My DD is addicted to Spongebob, Wonderpets, Dora and Deigo. I think Ming Ming the duck is funny though! This is sewious!


Over half way to target
My daughter is 16 so its all Friends, CelebBB, Rude Tube, and all the celeb gossip obscure channels, plus of course anything on MTV.

Me? Jeremy Kyle, Corrie, Casualty, and of course all the weight problem shows!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
My sons are ALOT older! They used to love Hong Kong Fuey and Cities of Gold. Now they had seriously annoying theme tunes.

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