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How much Philadelphia xtra light for H/E.A?!

Hi, i absoloutley love philadelphia cheese, i use the extra light one, i count it as a HE which I am guessing is okay?:confused:, but I actually don't know how much I am allowed to have, does anybody know? :)

I have been using A LOT of sweet chilli sauce and found out it is 1 1/2 syns per tbls:sign0007: So I'm in the middle of finding out the correct values and amounts for things I have been too relaxed with!!!!!
Thank you!
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Are you registered with lifeline online? You can get all the weights and measurements on there and all the Syn values. Sorry, I can't look at the moment as I haven't got the password
Ohhh thats weird I was just looking for this.
I can see Philadelphia on the on line syns is 2 syns for 28g but I can't see it as a HE. I'm going to guess at 42g for the low fat version as that seems to be the norm for lower fat cheeses. I wonder it it isn't listed as it doesn't have enough calcium or something??



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Just had a good look round the site and it's not mentioned at all in the HE section. Maybe it isn't one?!
thank you ladies for your help, i am going to ask in class tommorow, and if its syns, i'll switch to laughing cow i guess hehe
Ok girlies I looked it up on the slimming world site (am on online member as well)and you can use soft cheese as an HE A as follows:

Full fat soft cheese 42g
Med fat soft cheese 57g
Low fat soft cheese 85g

So if you have the extra light that is 85g. woo hoo, I am going to get some now that I realise I get that much!


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Tesco and asda do their own brand tubs and they are flavoured IE; garlic and herb, as long as you choose low fat you can have 85g of them too!
Never ever buy the Sainsburys extra extra extra low fat soft cheese. :jelous: Yuk.
philiadelphia goes lovely with pasta for a green day- nice eaten cold/hot - i have it alot for work - nice n convenient. Pasta, sweetcorn, spring onion, a meat if want and philidelphia (garlic and herb is gorgeous). You can add any salad/veg you want. x
oh bugger this is the second time this has happened to me today where i think things are free or a HE and they are not lol :) do you know the syn value stephie? x


needs to focus!!!!
on a green your allowed the following as a HEB

42g - normal philadelphia
57g - light philadelphia
85g - extra light philadelphia

normal per 28g is 3 1/2 syns
light per 28g is 2 syns
extra light per 28g is 1 1/2 syns
thats fab thank you :)
stephie wouldn't it be a HEA not HEB? X

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