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How much shold i expect to lose

Hi i am new to this and started 5 weeks ago, i had my first weigh in at the doctors last week and lost just over 8lbs in the first 4 weeks, i was a little dissapointed with this but the doctor seemed really pleased with me. how much did you guys all lose in the first 4 weeks. Doc said its prob coz i was doing slimming world for a year so my body is used to lower fat food and the tablets will just act as a little boost!! your advise would be great.
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Go on smile! =)
I lost 10lbs at my first weighin. 8lbs is a good healthy weight loss that 2lb a week! You dont want to loose it to quick for two reasons. Flabby skin and it increases your chance of putting it back on. Be proud of the 8lbs and well done you!
thank you so much, feel a lot better now, i am pleased with it, its over half a stone, just that when i have done diets bewfoew i have lost 3/4 lbs a week for the first few weeks and then it has slowed down, mind you last 6 months at slimming world and i managed to stay the same going up or down a lb or 2 at a time, so at least it has started to shift.

i think this site is gonna be great i have been reading the threads all night and see there is so much support out there. x x:)


Go on smile! =)
Glad you found us =] One thing i've found with xenical is its not a diet its just helps you to change your life style and how you approch food. I am just looking at labels now and knowing what is bad and what is good. After a while it becomes a second nature and you forget about the weigh in and just carry on with your life. Before you know it you've lost another 1/2/3 lbs. Just dont give up or get dishearted 1lb of is better than 1lb on or even staying the same. This is how i look at life, im here for i hope to be a long time yet. No matter what i do im here, fat or slim. Life carries on as normal weather you are dieting or not. You may aswell just stick to it.

just that when i have done diets bewfoew i have lost 3/4 lbs a week for the first few weeks and then it has slowed down
All diets are the same, alot of it is water. If you drink plenty of water you body doesnt need to store it, so it gets rid of it,
ahhh thanks, i have seen you on alot of threads i have been reading, its nice to know the support is there.

My practice nurse once told me any dieter should aim for a pound and a half loss per week..anything else is a bonus! So well done you :D on the 8lb loss.

I've not had my first weigh in yet, but as long as that needle has moved in the right direction, I'll be happy.

(Great advice Redkoala):)
I lost 13lbs in the first 4 weeks, then was weighed again 5 weeks later and had lost 6lbs which I was disappointed with but it was a loss and thats the important thing. It is much better to lose it slowley over a number of months rather than dropping rapidly and not giving your body and mind time to adjust to your new healthy eating habits. I haven't been weighed for about 4 weeks now but have a few more weeks tabs left so I shall wait until I need more before I go to the Drs to get weighed and see what the scales say then. My main boost is theat I feel healthier and my clothes are loser, I've dropped 2 dress sizes so far and that makes me very happy.
Keep up the great work and good luck.
thanks guys, i am really gutted as i got on the scales this morning 1 weeks since docs weigh in and its actually gone up 1/2 a pound, now i haven't actually had a very good week so it prob down to that but i have still been trying to be careful.

i have 3 weeks to turn it around, i have to loss 5-6 kg in total over the 3 months to stay on the tablets so need to lose 1-2 kg between no adn the end of november, doesn't sound alot in my mind which is why i prob slacked a bit so need you guys to kick me into shape!!!!

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