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How much water do YOU drink a day?


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I go for 3L of water then I dont count tea/coffee and coke. I carry round a 1.5L bottle with me and make sure I fill and drink it twice :)


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I aim for 3 of water more if I have coke or Dr p :) got a 750ml bottle and refill about 7-8 times
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I have definitely not been drinking enough, and I think it will show on weigh in day.

I aim for 2-3, but think more may be a good idea too.

It's hard though, especially when you feel that you are peeing constantly. I'm sure my colleagues reckon that I'm just a skiver!


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Probably over 3 litres of water and 2 mugs of black coffee. Trying not to have too much coffee cos I'm hyper enough at the minute!!!!! Not had any fizzy drinks yet don't miss them don't want them think that will change in a few weeks but for now it's all good! X
I've slacked on the water intake (due to the size of the bottle being smaller and being too lazy re-filling it all the time), off to buy a 1 litre bottle later and make sure I drink at least 3 of them, plus coffee on top and my coke zero :) xx


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I drink Tesco's own strawberry water. Each bottle is 1.5ltr and I drink 1 and a half a day (so around 2.75ltrs) and then I have 300ml in my shake and soup so a little over 3ltrs a day.


Doing it exante style :)
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I drink at least 4 litres plus I have 400ml in each shake then a pint of dr pepper zero.
Somedays I slack a little but generally have that most days :) x


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ive never drunk enough water but im increasing it all the time on this diet. Thanks to all the tips ive discovered I love the sainsburys flavoured fizzy water so have a bottle of that a day plus 1 litre of water plus 3 coffees and 500 with shake and soup
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Iv started to make my shakes with half a shake pack in my shaker filled to 700ml so that I get more meals and usually top it up once or twice if it's not too watery for me after drinking half of it. Then in between each shake I fill the shaker up to 700ml again of water and drink that i drink 700ml with each half of a bar too so iv had the shaker in my hand nearly all day today and don't have a clue how much iv drank but I'm sure it will be plenty :)

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Adding up coffee and shakes, as well as water probably about 6.5, but like some others I've always drunk loads. It's why I chose the name!

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