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How Much Water Do You Drink?

i have only just noticed how much i never use to drink as i am on the slimfast diet i am ment to drink alot of water but after about 2pints im finding myself feeling alittle bit sick


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2 point 5 letres, I can't fit anymore in lol I don't drink alot of water in the evenings, but I do add alot of ice to my shakes so that probably adds up too.


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I used to drink 2l a day anyway, so have upped it to 4 -5l depends on the day, somedays its easy to drink loads and other days I battle. so long as I do 2l a day I am happy.


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well I have 3 x .75l bottles of water a day
and I also have 4 large mugs of Decaff a day too so at least an extra 1.5litres
I also make all shakes up with at least double the water
so my intake is more likely to be nearer the 4 litre mark
I drink between 4 and 5 litre a day.

I take a 750ml bottle of water to work with me and try drink two-three in the morning. I have 500ml at breakfast. In the afternoon I have 1 or 2 (try for two) refils of my 750ml bottle.

Then in the evening I have a large 500ml glass of water with my shake and then try and have at least one more in the evening.
I drink between 4 - 5 litres everyday possibly even get up to 6 at the weekends. I find if I don't drink enough water now I feel terrible.
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I drink 3-4L of water a day. I have a 1L bottle and make sure I drink 3-4 of them. I also have at least 3/4 of a pint (normally 1 pint) of water with my shakes. Then I have mugs of Green Tea aswell :D



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4ltrs a day for me x


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I drink a minimum of 3 litres, but it's usually more and today I've completely lost track...it's been hot and I started drinking early because I was nights last night so I've been drinking todays water since midnight...totally have no idea how much that anounts to, but I'm still thristy and Iknow if I carry on drinking I'm going to be up all night.
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Hi, I drink at least 2.5 litres - very often more. I love water so lucky in that respect. Even before starting this - I would panic if I run low of bottled water. I wake up in the night and drink it too.

What is the maximum to take I wonder?


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As long as you don't drink large amounts (say 2 litres) at one time, I think you can have as much as you want, just make sure its spread out over the day/evening. I have it during the day though, because if I had it in the evening I'd have to sleep on the toilet lol


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I think I need to make sure I have 3 liters minimum a day. I need to try and push myself. Thanks everyone.


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I have 2 litres of sparkling water, 2 litres of still water & up to a dozen very weak blk coffees on top of that


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I drink about 3-4 litres a day plus lots of black coffee, so me days are easier than others though but it is habit forming to drinks lots of water and a good one!

i really do notice it if I have not drunk enough.


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What is the maximum to take I wonder?

There isn't really a maximum though I've heard some VLCD diets put it at 4L as this is amount that most feel is maximum needed before there is no health benefit, but it does depend on our own bodies, heat, our size, how active we are.

Fluids are needed for good health. There's no evidence that it burns more fat or anything weird like that.

As long as you follow your body cues, though get at least the minimum, you should be fine and space it throughout the day.

Remember that all the allowable fluids (water, teas, coffees etc) count towards fluid intake:)


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i just carnt seen to drink it that much does it matter what type it is can it be flavored?
Depends on what you are flavouring it with :D

Flavoured with vodka?....nah.
Flavoured with whisky?....nah
Flavoured with coke (zero, diet, apple, kiwi etc)?...nah
Flavoured with a tea bag?...Yes including all leaf teas etc peppermint, roobis etc
Flavoured with coffee?....yes
Flavoured with CWP flavourings....yes, one teaspoon max a day from week 3


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