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How much water is too much?


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I think anything more then 5-6 litres a day is getting close to the mark. I have 2 litres a day, plus I am going to have 4 shakes a day made up with 250ml of water each, so all together, 3 litres a day.
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up around 6 litres is where things go funny. (plus i dont think i'd ever make it up to that point before i had to spend all day in the bathroom =p)
but the main thing that causes water intoxication is too much, too fast.
As long as you spread it over the day you'll be able to drink up to and over 4 litres without problems.
Just dont start drinking litre after litre in minutes because you think you havent drunk enough for the day.
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There was a well publicised case in the early 90s, of a young girl taking ecstasy and dying. Not from the drug, but she overdosed on water.

I would say just to stick with the recommended 3/4 litres and no more...
Agreed. Too much fluid in a short space of time can be very bad for your health. Stick to the recommended guidlines, either Exante or NICE.
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hannata lol I was thinking the same I struggle getting 2 litres down let alone 5+.
Wishing you all luck on our journey,


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I tend to drink about 5 litres a day at the moment (but even before Exante my normal was about 3+ litres a day).

The important thing is drinking it throughout the day, and whether you're having 2, 4 or 6 litres, that you don't just wolf it all down in one go, as that completely swamps your system, and dilutes everything which is where it all goes wrong. Little and often and you'll find you soon get through quite a lot of water. It does wonders for your skin too :)
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thanks for the advice, I have to honest I do tend to get nearer the end of the day and rush the water intake. shant be doing that anymore.


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When u say little and often is 250-500mls at a time to much? I'm always on the move with my job and it's difficult to get back to the nurses station to have a quick swig so I tend to do 250 at a time or 500 if I'm behind.
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Drowning, or water intoxication happens because your electrolytes go out of balance, particularly salt - they become diluted. A healthy adult can actually drink up to 15ltrs a day (because of what their kidneys can handle), so don't worry!
It is, like others have said, about spreading it out though. Drink when you're thirsty or sip a 2 litre bottle throughout the day to keep hydrated.
I sometimes drink a 2 litre bottle before 10am at work and that's on top of making my shake in a pint glass and it's done me no harm. I have about 5 ltres water a day, plus copious amounts of black coffee and then 3 shakes made into a pint. I wee a lot, but you kind of get used to it. I used to wee a lot more, but was going before I really needed it, so started forcing myself to hold it a bit longer.
This is gross, but I measured my urine, as I thought I was going to often, yet I was only releasing about 200ml each time and now can comfortably hold onto double that :)
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That's called bladder training by the way, if anyone is interested. I was worried I had a medical condition, so conducted that experiment to see! I don't normally do strange medical experiments at home :)


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I can only manage 2ltrs a day. I find it hard to drink water so have to have it flavoured. If we couldn't drink flavoured water, I wouldn't be able to do the diet as I can't drink coffee or tea. I'm happy to read the shakes count as our daily intake! Are the soups as well? I always have them with 300ml otherwise the flavour of them is way too strong for me.


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I can drink 8 litres a day without really trying if Im just sitting around at home. I spread it throughout the day and have never had any problems with it at all. As Liz says healthy kidneys can process 15 litres a day as long as its not too much at once.

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