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how much water should i drink per hour?

i just drink it when i want it.. its there in a bottle for me to have..

most people drink a pint an hour...
I try and have 1 and a half litres between 8.30am and 1pm and then another litre and a half before 4.30pm.

I struggle with it too, especially when I'm busy.

Good luck with it!

Theresa x


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i used to do 2 litres between the time i get up around 6.30am and 1pm then the other 2 litres from 4-7pm


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Yes, sometimes i thnk i am drowning. I think i will go for 500mls and hour, that sounds manageable. Thanks.
Good point this, and I'm sure IceMoose will put everyone right.

On the Brita water filter site it says the body can only cope with 200mls at any one time. Any more than 200mls does not get absorbed in to the body and goes 'straight through'.

I use a water filter machine at work and normally have 1 x 200ml of un-chilled followed straight away by 1 x 200mls of chiled, and I try to do this evry hour.

But according to Brita I should space out my drinks to 200ml every half hour.

But does it make any differnce as long as you drink at least 4 litres a day???

I try to drink 2 litres between 7am - 1pm.
The try to drink the other 3 litres between 1pm - 8-9pm. Don't want to be drinking loads of water any later than that or i'll be up during the night to go to the loo.

I too feel sick drinking water, really sick sometimes :(
I sat with my first glass of water this morning for over an hour before i could drink it. The first few glasses are always the hardest to stomach.

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