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How much weight did people lose before they starting going down in dress sizes?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by bondgirl69, 14 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. bondgirl69

    bondgirl69 New Member

    I was just wondering how long it took people to lose weight before going into the next size down, I have now lost just over 2.5 stone and am only now fitting in to the next size clothes. i'm going from a size 24 into a 22 now.
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  3. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    I think it varies greatly from person to person, for me it is anything between 1 and a half stone to 2 stone. I had to think oooh I had I been wearing it tight before and not taken it into account?

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  4. slimminglizard

    slimminglizard Full Member

    Mine was about after a 1.5 stone loss, that I could get into a size smaller jeans comfortably but as the previous poster said, I was wearing my old jeans but they would dig in and be uncomfy.
    I find in the first stone to two stone your original clothes feel so much better, you don't get marks from where its too tight and that makes you feel so much healthier!
  5. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    My hubby lost 2.5 stone and still didn't go down a size. He was told by his doctor that your body loses weight from where it needs to first, so the visceral fat around your organs, and then goes to your other bits, like tummy, legs etc.
    It used to really get him down, but even though we all hate (well i do) the outside fat, there is no denying that the visceral internal fat is the most dangerous and it's good that our bodies get rid of that first...they really are amazing machines!

    But i know some people who have gone down a dress size per stone, maybe they were lucky and didn't have that much internal fat, so their bodies just got on with the external maybe?

    Congrats on your weight loss though, that's fab :) x
  6. mumpsimus

    mumpsimus Full Member

    That's very interesting! Never thought of that before.

    In answer to OP's question, I think it depends on what size you are to begin with too. I'm about 1.5 st between size 20-22 but 0.5st between size 10-12.
  7. clairelt1

    clairelt1 Full Member

    I'm a size 16 currently and have got down from a 16 to size 10 before after losing a total of 2.5st. This time I am only 2st from my size 10 size!?! Confused so am I!? 4 kids later my body will never be the same again anyway x
  8. lolacola

    lolacola Silver Member

    Very confusing! I think it shows just how much it varies from person to person. I'm 5ft 7 and was 12 stone when I started SW and size 14. Once I'd got to 11st I was a size 12, but I needed to lose another 1.5 stone to be a size 10 (9 and a half stone)
  9. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Full Member

    I'm normally about a stone between sizes
  10. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    I've lost a stone and noticed any difference in my clothing so I'm hoping when I get to 1.5 or 2 I will have gone down a size
  11. Becky7777

    Becky7777 Full Member

    For me at thirteen stone and 5ft 6. I was a size 14. Took me till about 11 and a half stone to drop to a 12. I'm now ten stone and a size 8 to 10.

    i also think exercise makes a massive difference to how toned you are are and subsequently what size you are, I started dropping down the clothes sizes quicker when I started upping the exercise.
  12. clairelt1

    clairelt1 Full Member

    Yeah I agree, last time I lost the weigh after my 2nd baby I lost 2st without exercise and then started 3x a wk to get another 7lb off but really toned up. Now after my 4th baby I'm starting all over again
  13. babyweight2014

    babyweight2014 Full Member

    It depends on how tall you are and how much weight you have to loose. For example if you are 5ft 10 and weigh 18stone you will need to loose a lot more to bring in your waste than if you are 5ft and weigh 10 stone if that makes sense?? I'm 5ft 7 and at 14 stone I had to lose 2st to drop a dress size but I know at 12 st and downward I only need to lose 1 st to drop a dress size. So the long and short of it really is it's individual to your weight and your height combined.
  14. Lotteblossom

    Lotteblossom Member

    Ah this is a very interesting thread. I look forward to losing enough to go down a dress size. The most I ever lost was 9lb and I stayed the same size 22
  15. abigail09

    abigail09 Gold Member

    Dress sizes aren't consistant in their increments, so the difference between and 8 and a 10 is much less than the difference between a 22 and a 24, this would therefore mean that you need to loose a lot more to drop from a 24 to 22 than you do to drop from a 10 to an 8. So there really isn't an easy answer to it. I know personally I am a size 10 at 9stone 7 (my target weight) and my top weight of 12 stone I was a 14-16 and I am a 'proper' 12 at about 10 stone 7 so my weight is about a stone per size. I am 5'4, currently 10stone 13 and a 12-14.
  16. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    I think you can't really judge as it also depends if you 'squeezed' yourself into a a smaller size at the beginning.

    If you are in a too small top, it will take longer to get past that clothing size. As you have to go through the too tight, fitting perfectly and then too big.

    I also find the gap between 18-16 is close but the gap between 16 to 14 is huge! I am finding the gap between 12 and 10 is small.

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  17. moolumps

    moolumps Full Member

    Took me 2.5 stone to go down from a 20 to an 18!! Then another 1.5 before I bought my first 16. Everyone's different, different heights and shapes will change at a different pace. My consultant (a man) says roughly a stone to a dress size which is a bit misleading! Also it is probably quite common to start out bigger than you think and 'squeezed' into a size smaller than you actually are.
  18. Guru

    Guru Silver Member

    I've lost nearly four stone and dropped two dress sizes, so for me about two stone per size. One of the earlier posters said the bigger you are the more you have to lose to drop a size and I think that's true (I've gone from a 24 to a 20). I'm hoping as I get smaller it will take less weight to drop a size. I'm desperate to get into an 18 so I can buy some clothes from non-fat-bird shops!

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