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how much weight do people lose in the first week?

I lost 9lb the first time I did CD & have just lost 12lb in the first week of a restart. They do say you should give it a month though as it will usually average out over time, each week & each person is different.


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the weight loss thing depends on your size and how much you have to lose in total
the one thing i have learned is that you shouldnt compare your journey to anyone elses or yu stand a good chance of being disappointed and then giving up

you mentioned 'doing it for 4 weeks' not sure if you mean till add a meal or if you mean thats all you intend to diet for because you have so little to lose

if its the latter - well with only a months worth of weight loss needed then i would say dont expect to lose 12lb in one week!

if its the former i would say yes go for it as it will usually even out to an average of a stone in a month

good luck and let us know how you get on


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I lost 8lbs in my first week.....you've probably only just gone into ketosis, so maybe things will start to move more now. If it's TOTM your loss can be slowed down too. I wouldn't worry about it - keep going, it's DEFINITELY worth it!!! :D

P.S. It will also probably depend on how much you have to lose overall....if it's not that much, you'll probably see less in the first week.

P.P.S You may be losing inches even if not kgs :)
i lost 5 lb in my first week . i guess it also has a lt do with how much weight you need to loose. i started at 12 s 9lb and in 3 weeks i have lost 12.5 lb. so averaging out at 4 lb. keep up with it you will find your loosing inches aswell
thank you guys so much for the replies. i need to lose 15kg to get to BMI 25. i realize that this much weight can't be lost in just four weeks so i intend to stay on sole source for 4 weeks then 1 week add a meal then back to sole source till i reach my goal. i guess the reason i worry is that i'm asian and the kind of food i eat is quite different from most people so i don't know if this diet would work for me just as well as for other people. This is my first time with CD therefore, i don't quite know what to expect but i'm glad that i fouond this forum.
you got about the same to loose as me then . there is no reason why you wont have a great weight loss sticking to your diet . i bet your asian diet is far healthier than mine !!!!
keep with it , you say you have lost 1 kg in 4 days so thats 1/2 lb a day !!!!! keep it up you will be sucessful , make sure you drink loads of water !

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