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how much weight do you think i will lose?


I'm getting all my hair cut off, so was wondering how much weight it will make me lose :p i dont actually think it will make that much difference even though i have quite thick hair. because as it gets longer i dont get heavier do i? as i assume all the stuff to make hair is in my body therefore i stay the same weight? i am no scientist i shall tell you that!!

im getting it cut to shoulder length so having about 10 inches off. im nervous as it will be the shortest i've ever had it. and i'm having it dyed. i am excited though as this is my 4 stone off treat =] Also a bit upset as i've always wanted floor length hair but i also want short hair and this is easier :p
i'm also a bit nervous as i have never been to a hairdressers before in my life.
I'll post an after picture later.

edit: just realised i should have waited till after winter. im going to be so cold :p
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What colour are you going to dye it?!
You're going to be doing the Garner Nutrisse hair-toss for ages, you realise this!? :p
i've dyed it red, like a cherry red, its brighter on top and darker at the bottom. you'll see when i can get the pictures to copy across - they are not playing nicely at the moment.
its so short, i cant get used to it, its so different, i keep going to play with it and finding it not there and realise i need to move a lot higher =p

edit: yay my pictures work

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What a beauty you are! It looks fabulous!


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Looks well funky! :D
That looks so cute hon! Its so nice to have a nice short cut after years of having long hair though isn't it? I felt like a weight had been lifted (literally!! ;)).
yeah it is really nice, i dont have to cover it in conditioner to get a brush through it. or get up half an hour early to access and decide what to do with it that day. im loving it so far =]

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