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How much weight have you ever gained after holiday


Just got back from lovely holiday in Scotland. Did loads and loads of walking. Up mountains and all sorts. Eat 3 meals a day and yes evening one was in a restaurant each night. Cooked brekkie as well but only had full one on the first day. By the end of the week I was having just toast.

Guess what - put on 7lb in the week and to top it all my hubby who is slim didnt put an ounce on. Why?????????????

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Don't worry too much about it. Your weight can fluctuate by that much just in the course of a day. Don't let those scales dictate your mood or your will power!

The last holiday I was on, I lost 7lbs. Why? My partner came down with salmonella food poisoning and we spent a week in a fleapit Greek hospital. They wouldn't give me a bed and I refused to leave him, so I spent a week basically pacing around in a sleep-deprived state of high anxiety, living on chocolate bars from the kiosk.

See? Could've been worse. :p You had a great holiday, 7lbs is small beans and could just be a temporary blip. Don't let it get you down!!


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You body will adjust - but that is not bad at all, you had a great holiday and you kept fit too, well done.

The most I ever put on was the first time I went Cornwall 20 years or so ago now - I discovered Cornish clotted cream tea's, Cornish Pasties and Scrumpy cider, I gained about 6lbs in 2 weeks, really lovely though....
I put on 4 lbs after 3 weeks in Singapore during April and May this year.

The worst part for me was that i swelled up that bad from the 15 hour flight home that i couldnt wear any of my normal clothes for about 4 days.

I lost it though within 2 weeks on SW :D


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I did Atkins before my wedding 5 years ago. I gave up the day after as I had got in my dress and looked good on my pictures. I went to Rome on honeymoon and gained 10lb in 8 days overdosing on pasta, bread and wine

Poor hubby started looking worried that he had married a flump!



My sister reciently put on 7 1/2 on a week away but it soon came off hun as she lost 5 the following week then the rest the following week and more. so chin up hun u will soon get it off again :) x


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I once put 10lbs on over Xmas! If it goes on that fast it usually comes off fast too.(most of it will be water, remember 1lb of fat =3,500 cals)
I put on 8lbs in 4 days in New York! But 4lbs came off within 2 days of getting back and the other 4lbs took another 2 weeks. But I'd really enjoyed myself and that's all that mattered to me.


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I'll let you know in a week when I'm back ;-) xx
One of my sisters went on a cruise around the carribean and put on 11 pounds in 2 weeks!

She was mortified but she said the food was that amazing she just couldnt help herself! She had a great time as well - lol :p

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I put on 10lbs in 2 weeks when I went to Cyprus. I agree with the others....it will come off again and the main thing is that you had a great time.
if it makes u feel any better a couple at my last sw group put on 2 stone between them! that was an all inclusive 2 week holiday
Am i the record holder then?............I gained 12 lbs in 10 days (disgust myself admitting it)

BUT........I was so shocked, the following week I lost 10lbs.........
Now I am very scared.... go on hols on Thursday.... don't want to undo my good work.... aggh

Now I am very scared.... go on hols on Thursday.... don't want to undo my good work.... aggh

I think my main undoing wasnt my meals but all the 'extra's' - icecream, biccies, choc, cappacinos, so my best advice would be to try and stick to your meals only.
Oh and pack some hifi bars......and mugshots
I'm going on holiday in just over a week i'm worried about gaining as well but if i do will just be good till it comes off. Need to read up on Red days as never had one and will be on holiday
Drink is my downfall.... oh and fresh bread.... I haven't had bread in weeks... who said bread & butter was a prison sentence?

I aim to eat fresh fruit for breakfast & have a lot of meat/salads. I was thinking of taking mugshots (If I can find them), Scanbran & EL LC triangles, I have also bought some dry Schwartz spice rubs for when I cook in the villa... It will save me buying all the herbs & spices I would normally use. Other than that I will still treat it as a holiday... a local restaraunt does the most magnificent Wild Boar in a white truffle sauce.... and you must have it with their version of chips (to get every bit of sauce)


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