How much weight loss on 1200 step???


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From what I understand, and I'm no expert!, but no you won't go into ketosis on the 1200 plan, but weight loss should still be considerable, esp if your friend has that much weight to lose.

I can give you a small comparison. My friend, who weighs 16 stone, lost 7lbs in her first week on the 1000 plan, and man lose more than women and quicker, so he should see really good results.

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He deffo won't go into ketosis as there'll be carbs in his diet but he'll lose excellent amounts of weight anyway. He might suffer from hunger, so he'll have to make sure that he eats lots of fruit and veg to fill him up and lots of water.



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I guess you mean 5-6stone to lose, otherwise I wouldn't recommend he diets at all;)

I would hazard a guess (with a few calculations in mind), that he will lose 2+lbs a week, but probably more, especially at the beginning.

You need to eat 3,500 less calories than your maintenance cals. If you go to WLR and sign up for 3 days free trial, it'll do some of the calculations for you, but take note that it will not calculate more than 2lbs loss a week.

It will tell you how many cals he will need per day to reach that 2lbs pw loss though, and you can probably work it out from there:)