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how often

how often do you cheat and if you cheat what do you have?
is there anyone here who can honestly say they didnt eat a single thing since the day they started??
because im starting to feel so bloody awful if i have a slice of chicken or something :cry:
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Sorry to hear you are feeling awful hun. The only thing I can say is that CD is much easier if you don't cheat, cheating can throw you out of ketosis and make you feel hungry. I did SS for just over 3 months, I did 3 days of 790 during that period but other than that no cheats.

Hang in there it will be worth it.


I'm only on day one and can honestly say that i will not cheat. I think if you want it hard enough u will keep clear of the food, keep focused on the end prize. sorrry to sound mean :)
First time round I did 50 days without eating anything..except on AAM week, and I lost 3st3lb...it was fab and the weight just fell off, subsequent attempts I have cheated and it makes a huge difference!

Stick to ss-ing for as long as possible,,it really does work!
I didn't touch a single bit of food for the first 120 days - had a couple of days off at Christmas and went out for a meal last night (see my feeling deflated thread!) but apart from that its soooo much easier not to eat anything - it just makes it more difficult!

MM x
I am on day 4 today and havn't cheated

I did do this last year aswell and did 3mths with no cheats what so ever,once I started having a little nibble I found I nibbeled a bit more and more until I came off the plan
I did 3mths SS last year but the day I started cheated was the day I gave up to be honest and here I am again on SS as I have put most of my weight back on.I think the key to this is to change your relation with food.So you don't cheat,don't treat yourself with food,don't hide food etc etc
On day 23 and haven't cheated yet!!
I do think that if I did ,I would really struggle,so keep telling myself to keep going,'cause it will be all worth it in the end!!
I'm on week 14 and haven't eaten anything (except for AAM weeks). I hate the idea of "cheating" - the only person you're cheating is yourself - the more you stick to CD the faster you will lose weight and be able to eat again.

Corinne x


I am on day 13 and unfortunately was a in work situation where I had to eat.
It was a business lunch with clients in a fancy restaurant and there was no-way I could get out of it.
I had salmon as a starter and had a couple of fork-fulls, then grilled fish as the main and had a couple of fork-fulls. I did most of the talking while they ate and thankfully time was against us so the courses were cleared pretty quickly.
I was so stressed worrying about this lunch because I am 100% dedicated to this diet, however I am proud of myself because I was controlled, I stuck to protien, drank at least a 1ltr of water during the lunch and did not use this situation as an excuse to fill my face.
I will not use the 'c' word because I want to be realistic and I think I handled the situation really well.
I think u handled the situation well too. I also think you are right not to say you cheated. You did what you felt you had to do, making an informed rational choice, not an emotional one and you didn't pig-out, you chose to eat a little protein.


Thanks Annie :eek:)
I do think there is a big difference between an emotional 'f**k it, I have to have food because i'm feeling x,y or z" and 'I'm in this situation, damage control is required'.
SSing is the first part of my journey, it is a journey I have been contemplating my whole life and it is a journey I will be on for the rest of my life. What I will learn along the way is not to make food the enemy and the thing that controls me....instead it will be something that I control and use appropriately.
I haven't cheated (only on day 11 mind you) which is very unusual for me. On WW I would have convinced myself that an extra glass of wine or small choccie bar would be ok by now. I think the reason it's worked so far for me is that there are no compromises: you have the packs and your coffee and water and that's it. With WW etc. you CAN have almost what you want if you stick to your points, but I just don't know where to draw the line. All or nothing, I chose SS!
I haven't cheated as such but i have allowed myself two days off of this plan. One being christmas day where i ate a very small dinner and the other yesterday when i had a meal out planned. i was very careful with what i chose and straight back on cd again today no cheats. For me this is an all or nothing diet....cheating is not an option xx


Fed up of being fat
Ive been on 790 since the start and I am a serial blipper / cheater ... I havent gained when Ive blipped just stayed the same so Ive been lucky as I know not everyone gets dealt that card. Its not ideal and I know Im delaying my journey but it happens, main thing is I move on.

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