How rubbish am I?

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  1. peppa

    peppa Pwincess

    First week on ss and can i manage it? Nope!
    I completed 2 days before having a hissy fit over a choc orange drink ( it was disgusting)
    I've spent weeks deciding to do this diet and finally plucked up the courage to ring and arrange an appointment then 2 days down the line give up!
    I decided I was going to stay on a healthy eating diet but I ate chocolate, biscuits and toast with butter or is that butter with toast?
    I kept coming back on this site and looking at the success stories, amazed at weight loses and wondering why it couldn't have been me, then you start to feel depressed :- a, that I'd failed
    b, that I felt full from eating crap.

    I made the decision early hours this morning that I needed to sort my head out and make it happen.
    So as from today I am going to try soups, porridge and stick to flavours I like.
    Sorry for rambling

    Tracey :) day 1 nearly complete
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  3. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    good luck hun.xx
  4. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    Slim and Save
    Good on you!

    I decided today to SS+ until Christmas - 3months away and I'll be 3stone lighter!!
  5. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    Good luck - you are not rubbish, you're human and probably like 99% of everyone on here! You can do it!

    Once you get going on the diet, you'll be able to keep going, it's quite easy really once you get into it! Just find the flavours you like and stick to them. I literally only have choc tetras and the bars. It works ok for me as I can't stand the sachets and hate the banana tetra so if I had to have those every day I know I couldn't do it!

    Anyway, keep in touch and let us know how you get on x
  6. abz

    abz Gold Member

    good luck!!

    abz xx
  7. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

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    oh hun, it's probably also that you weren't in ketosis yet, cos you were only on day 2. In those first few days I could have chewed my own hand off I was so hungry, but I think it was by day 4 I knew I was in ketosis cos of the terrible taste in my mouth and the fact I wasnt hungry and felt really perky...keep at it hon. I felt like giving up in the first week, but kept looking at the inspiration photos and now I have lost more than 2 stone in 6 weeks. It does get easier and you'll find your taste buds change over time too. Good luck =)
  8. wizzbang

    wizzbang Silver Member

    ooPS, sorry, shouting lol.
    You will get to the stage where you dont even want to have your shakes or tetras or porridge because you arent hungry. Some days I cant even remember if I have had two or three by the time bedtime comes. I 'eat' at about 11am, then at 7pm then again at 11pm. When I am not 'eating' I drink loads of water and cups of tea. I'm never hungry but I did have a particularly strong urge for a pork chop the other day, its gone now though lol.
    So hang in there, get through day three or four and you will be well on the way to your goals.
    Lynne x
  9. hanloje

    hanloje Silver Member

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    It's not the cheating that matters it's the fact that you've not given up and although you've lost one battle the war isn't over yet! As the others have said day 2 is a killer but once you get to ketosis you'll feel 100 times better so stick with it! 1 hr at a time if necessary and focus on each meal rather than a whole darn week! I speak from experience I've been off the wagon more times than I care to remember...

    Good luck and you're right, stick to the flavours you like to get you through...
  10. LellyCD

    LellyCD Trying to stay healthy!

    Good luck tracey!! keep strong and glugging all that water! Hope your day2 is going well!
  11. whi5tler

    whi5tler Member

    You must decide if this is how you want to look for the rest of your life. Make the commitment and stick to it. Hard I know but that's they way it's got to be!!
  12. zipper1978

    zipper1978 Member

    Hang in there! I have been shouting at boyfriend, ranting at work and feeling very grumpy but now on day 5 and feeling a bit better. My vanilla shake this morning actually tasted so good!!!

    Just try again, don't think about being bad just that you found it hard and then start again!

    I did wolf down a whole packet of smoked salmon when I found it hard but its like falling off a ladder and getting back on!
  13. peppa

    peppa Pwincess

    Thanks for all your support, day 2 is going well - it's weight in nite too. I won't be expecting anything good but like you all say i've gone back on it and thats all that counts. this forum is great :D
  14. smurf

    smurf Silver Member

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    cambridge diet.
    good luck tracey for 2nites wi! keep glugin the water you will get there!!!....xx
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