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How will I cope without Minis??


Serial Foodie!

my laptop has to go back to be repaired...and its going to take 2-3 weeks!! My hubby mentioned it in passing late lastnight but i was doing other stuff and just said "yeah ok" but when i woke this morning i remembered what he had said and it dawned on me i wont be able to come online. :cry:

this site is my sanctury now and I am going to be utterly lost!! AAGGHHHHHH!!!!
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finding my way again !
you are lucky that you have Sonkie & Lucky close by to talk to, any chance when you have your coffee's & walks you could have a quick log on with them ??
just a thought, if not, we'll miss you, but come back as soon as you can
take up camp in the local library !!! lol:rotflmao:


Working My Way to Thin!
Hi Karen

The only answer is for hubby to buy you a laptop all of your own! (ensure he is in a good mood before applying this request!)

I am seriously considering putting this suggestion to my hubby, so when he is playing his online Poker, I don't miss out on MiniMins !!

If this is not possible, we will look forward to seeing you back online as soon as possible Karen


Silver Member
Thats exactly wot I did my hubby hogged his laptop and I only got on to check my emails so I bought myself one hes jealous now cos mine is better hee hee
Mandy x.


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Have you not got ur old desktop computer.....I know you were using the screen to get on here, just wondering if you still have it lurking around.


Serial Foodie!
i do have the old desktop but its even worse than this one. thats why i havent sent out that list yet btw... hubby has other one taken apart and i am on his back to put it back together.

god i cant believe how awful the prospect of not being online is to me LOL. im addicted!

i guess i could ask him to buy another one but we only just bought this one lol. as for the library idea....the most disgusting confession i have to make is that i have no clue where the local library even is!! considering me and kids r constantly reading...thats pretty bad!

my best option is the desktop i guess. if hubby can get it going properly, i wont be online much as its in our bedroom and not practical to sit up there with little boy lol. i wont know til tonight if i will have any internet i guess :(


Serial Foodie!
More to the point Karen, how will we cope without YOU :)

Hope you get something sorted soon :D
aww geri what a lovely thing to say. i would be suprised if most even noticed but its still a lovely thing to hear lol xxxx


Serial Foodie!
pandora u r right. ok sonkie, im moving in with u!

hey i may even start doing housework again if im offline, eh??


Gold Member
ahh course we'd notice, you silly mare! :D

fingers crossed you get the other one sorted in the meantime, ask hubby to move it downstairs for ya! :D
Tell Kev if he dont get the desk top fixed I will come round and we will both sit on the bugger (him not the desk top ...lol) until he submits.........either that or Cal moves in with you.......lol.

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