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How would your best friend describe you?

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Ok so I haven't got a bezzie mate but a guy I know has always been kind towards me and I think he describe me as:

beautiful, intelligent, funny, kind and caring.

What would your best friend say about you? If you dunno, make it up like me, positives only please.;)
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I think the nicest way I've ever been described is, 'the girl who smiles a lot.' This was from someone I used to see at the football and for months I chatted to her before we knew each others names. I didn't find out for years that she said that about me.

She told me the other day that Erica from that E4 (finding ericsa) show reminded her of me - didn't quite know how to take that. Words she has used to describe me in the past include lunatic, muppet and drama queen - but she calls me Angel instead of my real name so I must be doing something right
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I get drama queen a lot. It's not a best friend but my mum told me last week that a lady from my church was talking about me singing in a concert and said about that I was "very talented, and a beautiful girl". That really made me smile, especially as the concert was before the diet started!

Jonny B

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I'd probabaly be called the BFG, sometimes it means the Big Friendly Giant, other times its the Big Fat Git :p


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My best friend is, conviently, my fella. Therefore he describes me as gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, intelligent, kind and wonderful.

Or he does if he knows what's good for him :D


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My best friends call me the mum of the group cause I make sure everyone sticks together. Other words - Crazy, wise, technology geek, kind and strong.


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My friends call me Miss Integrity :) hehe


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My best friend once described us as Morecambe & Wise! I think she sees herself as Morecambe..... :flirt2:
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My best friend is my OH :),

He says Im goregeous, am ditsy, I have a pretty smile and am off my rocker!
Something about me having daft "moments" ;) and the fact that I have no sense of direction. He also says I'm a nerd :D.

Im quite happy with that description - but only from him !!



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I have been described as Little Miss Nonsense (very insightful from a 2 year old hahaha!), intelligent, dainty (that was a real compliment since I'm such a clumsy lumbering sort of person!), honest and funny.
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I'm another one who's BF is her OH. Sat across from me in fact. So I asked him how he'd describe me. His response - Smelly. Charming isn't he?
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Compassionate, cheerful, always smiling, friendly, talkative, supportive, good listener. :D

"Compassionate", because this past year at uni, I supported several friends with mental illnesses (which unfortunately impacted on my studies quite a bit, but meh, sorted now)... went to see the uni counsellor to talk about it. She said it's because I'm "obviously a very kind, caring, compassionate person", and that my friends were lucky to have a friend like me. :D

Cheerful/always smiling: one girl I met this year described me as being "chirpy", because I always seem so happy and am always smiling. It's good to be positive! :p
I don't really have a best friend unless you count my OH

He says I'm cute and I'm his hunny bunny, but moan and talk way way to much some times which is 100% true..


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My best friend said to me the other day 'my first impression of you is that you don't love yourself as much as everyone else does'... Talk about being spot on. xxx
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Very eccentric smiley and bubbly and cuddly as much as i hope its in the good way i tend to think its because im nice and squishy to cuddle LOL


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I just asked my OH and...

[16:45:37] Kat: how would you describe me?
[16:46:26] Rich: luffly, kind, thoughtful, funny, weird (in a good way), a bit unusual, quirky, beautiful and last but not least, smelly


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